Taking Steps and Getting Rejected

I went out on a mission last night and did something I’ve never done in my life. Join me on my mission and continue reading if you want to find out the incredible climax and ending.

I went out on the ride just concentrated on my mission. I had no doubt in my mind that this is what I had to do. I had been thinking about this for too long and it was finally time to take Action. This was the day and the time was now. I had to act upon this feeling or I would never muster the strength to do this ever again.

Before heading out on my mission, I made sure to do some prep work… I ate a large bowl of Wheaties…… just kidding I didn’t do that. What I did do is think about what I was going to say and do. I didn’t spend too much time on this because I knew what I was going to say for a while but I just never acted upon it. So I did all my prep work and was gone. It was a 40 minute bike ride. I had taken it before, but this time it was different. I had a mission and I was determined to succeed.

As a bike rider, you always have to be prepared for the worst situations…  so before I left I made sure to pack my rain jacket and an extra shirt, shorts, a book, and a notebook.

Side note: If you’re ever stranded somewhere, for example: the bus is running a little late, make sure to pack a book or a notebook or something before you head out, to stay proactive in this unusual situation. Make an inconvenient situation an educational experience.

It had been raining all day, but I assumed the rain was over.

Side note: Never doubt mother nature. Or…. just make sure to check the weather app on your phone before leaving.

So, I was off and confident as can be. Nothing was going to stop me from completing my mission. But you know who decided to “rain in on my parade,” MOTHER NATUR. Like I said never doubt her Power. I’ll tell you what, she was raining pretty hard in the day, but she had one more in her before the night was up.

I was about a quarter of the way until I reached my final destination when… she got angry. It starting raining and it started raining hard. Good thing I had that rain jacket and a hat. I took it as a sign of… if you want something you’re going to have to fight back. I started biking a little faster, and then a little more. I was hitting the hills hard. I was shifting clean. I mean everything was just working. I didn’t even care what Mother Nature was doing, I had completely blocked everything out. I was going to do this. There was no turning back.

I reached my final destination in record timing. Upon reaching my destination, I did one more review of the game plan. After that, I headed in.

I starting getting a little nervous after I saw the target, but at the same time I made sure to keep my composure. I proceeded to engage the target with some subtle conversation. Smiling, laughing, it was all great. “Enough of the games though!” I proceeded with the game plan. Everything was going great. “The plan was working flawless!” I told myself. Halfway through though… I started getting a feeling. I started to become aware of the responses and expressions that my target was “annotating on the pages.” It wasn’t looking good, but I decided to proceed holding onto that “strand of Hope.”

My mission was almost complete… I wasn’t sure, but still confident. All I needed was an answer now. I proceeded to engage the target one last time with a simple question.

The response wasn’t what I was looking for…



She said, “No.”


The following moments were probably more awkward for her than me, but I prepared knowing that this might be the result. We talked for a few minutes afterward. We were both professional about it and left on great terms with each other.

But you know what… I was ready to keep moving forward and not let this hold me back. I got back on my bike, put on a podcast, and hit the road. I was hungry for the next challenge in my life.

The journey continues…


“See what can be, not just what is.”




Another Step… More Smoothies

It’s Friday night and… it’s time for a ride. I packed up all my smoothies and headed out.

What an excellent night! I met some amazing people but I’ll just talk about a few in this post. I ventured off on this ride and ended up at a shelter in my town about a mile from where I live. Before even getting to go into the place, I saw someone hanging out on the front porch. I felt I should talk to him. His name was Gerald and he’s originally from Georgia. He was right outside, and the conversation started naturally and instantly after I saw he was wearing a San Francisco Giants baseball cap. I’m a Yankees fan but I admire an organization like the Giants who have amazing leaders all throughout the organization. HINT HINT, I really like baseball. Anyway, we talked a little baseball quickly, but then things got interesting…

Before we got too deep though I made sure to offer him a smoothie which he accepted and gave a thumbs up. Side note: I need some ideas of coming up a name for this smoothie.

Gerald told me almost immediately about his situation and what his mindset has been like dealing with it.  Positive, was the mindset I got from him. I just felt like he had so much he wanted to get off of his chest too. He was telling me about some steps he’s been making to get out of the situation he’s in. I wanted to learn more about him though, so I asked him, “What are you passionate about?” He has a passion for cooking, photography and being a DJ. Also, when he was young Gerald had a dream…  and that dream was to come out to New York. That dream was inspired by his love of watching movies filmed out of New York. He made that dream a reality when he took the first steps by moving from Georgia to New York City.

Life, isn’t always ‘peachey’ though. And New York City… isn’t in the market for harvesting peaches. POINT IS New York isn’t an easy place, it’s a ‘beautifully tough’ place and as long as it took you to get here, it’ll spit you back out right where you came from. Just like anything in life, you have to truly want it and pursue daily for the attainment of what you want. New York is no exception either. ‘Eat… or be Eaten.’

Gerald… HELL YEAH he wanted to make it out here, everyone wants to make it and be successful in their own right. RIGHT? You know what though, sometimes life takes you in different directions. And based on some ‘not so good’ decisions, that we’ve all made before, our plans are sometimes changed, and in some ways, their pretty drastic changes.

Let me ask you though, “What are you going to do about it? Do you need some time off? Maybe a vacation, just to get away from everything? Okay that’s fine. Go and do that. Then right when you come back… all your problems will probably still be there. Nothings changed. What are you going to do about the current situation you’re in? What decisions do you need to make to push you to the other side?

Like many of us, we all make mistakes and Gerald, he made some mistakes too. But the cool part is… Gerald is currently taking some ‘Major Action’ to get himself out of the current situation he’s in.

I talked to Gerald for close to an hour and he inspired me. He shared with me that he was reading a lot of books, working on himself, and working with some workforce programs developing his skillets in many areas. By the end of it he told me, “I’m going to get out of this.” 

I’ll be taking to him more though and stopping by where he’s at. I’m looking forward to our next conversation.

I also ran into a familiar face tonight at the train station … Keith. As you might already know where I last left off, I was talking with him at the bus stop and Keith told me about his job situation, and how he got to where he’s at and also losing his car two years ago.

Goodness gracious it was great to see him though. He just got off the train from work, he looked great and a little more awake this time too. It also was a little earlier in the night, so that might have played a role in it too. I learned something new about him though. Before losing his job Keith was writing a book that he wanted to produce. When he lost his job he lost all of his manuscripts in a storage shed that he couldn’t afford. Talking with him, I learned he still had a desire to write the story, but he said “I think it’s too late and with everything I have going on it would be tough to find any time.” That was tough for me to hear. I told him, “If you want to write this you’re going to write this.” Last time I ran into him he turned away my smoothie, respectfully, but tonight he accepted the smoothie. I gave him another one after he asked for more. Before I left though, I gave him one of my quotes. The quote said this…

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.” -Anonymous

Taking The First Steps… By Making Smoothies

Welcome back! I ended my last post with a quote, “A thousand mile journey begins with a single step.”

Back tracking a little bit… on Sunday night, June 11th, I took my first steps. I did that by taking 25$, that I had, to buy smoothie ingredients. Some of these ingredients included bananas, steel cut oats, spinach, strawberries, cranberry juice, and some orange juice. Side note… you now have one of my secret smoothie recipes. Are you still with me? Well, when I got back to my apartment I made some of the best smoothies in town with two of the best blenders in town. From there I packed my smoothies up in my bag, grabbed some plastic cups and straws, put on my bicycling gear, and hit the town.

Well… what was I going to do with these smoothie ingredients though? I set out on a mission to find the homeless people who were living in my city and offer them the ‘meal smoothies’ that I made for them.

Why did I do this? The day is Saturday, June 10th: I spent some time to talk with someone I met at my train station. He was friendly, soft spoken, and a little jumpy. His name is Mario. He’s been homeless since he was 18. Mario started off by asking me for some change so he could go and buy some food. Meanwhile, I was supposed to be taking pictures with a photographer I was working with. This though… was more important. I talked to him for probably 15 minutes.  At the end of the conversation I gave him a quote that I wrote on a notecard that I had in my notebook. *I love quotes and whenever I read something I jot down some quotes that I liked.* After the conversation was over, my photographer and I  gave him some money for some food and we started to leave. Before I left though, I explained what the quote meant and what it has meant to me. When we were almost out of the tunnel, he read the quote aloud and he then turned and gave me a brief smile. Which gave me a sign that maybe he got what it said, but maybe he thought my hand writing was funky looking, or maybe he just had no idea in, “Why the hell this guy just gave me a notecard with some words on it!” That was my token for him though, and I was hoping that those few words would infiltrate him. Knowing that, along with Mario, there were other homeless people in my city, I knew there was a possibility to do something good and give back. This interaction inspired me to take Action in my community.

Back to the ride! So, the night turned out to be a total ‘MISSION FAILURE’ I didn’t find one of the homeless guys I’ve seen around town. I looked everywhere too. I even drove to the other side of town through an old park that’s no longer used, scanned some of the woods around town, and I took the bike trail at the end of town calling out. I also asked some of the locals, “Where do the homeless people hang out at night?” Nothing… they had no idea.

I was hurt, and a little upset. Listen though, I wasn’t going to end the night like this! I held onto some faith that something good could happen out of all this. I set out on a mission to then go and meet some people. I found some people hanging out in all places. Some people were hanging out on the bench’s, the bars, the bus stops, just around town walking and the train station amongst some places.

One of the guys I met was Keith. He was waiting at his stop by himself. It was pretty late by this time, and he looked tired from the long day at work. I did offer him a smoothie but he declined. He told me he had been working with AT&T, traveling the world, for many years. Then the market crashed and he lost his job. He was past forty with no wife and no kids. The year is 2017: It’s been 8 years since “The Panic of 08.” I talked with him for awhile and just by talking to him I knew he still hadn’t recovered from the 08 crash. He was defeated. I prayed with him that night .

One of the other guys I met was Charles. Charles was getting off the train and I caught him on his was to Dunkin. Charles is an aspiring Entrepreneur. He has a dream of starting a business. He told me about his dreams. He was old. *I complimented him on his aggressive looking beard. I can’t grow a beard to save my life so when I see a solid beard, especially when it has the resemblance of an ‘old ancient wizard,’ it always gets me to compliment it.* I didn’t get into to many details with him, but he told me he was working a maintenance job 5 days a week and when he got off the train he usually went right to Dunkin to, in his words, and said with a big grin on his face, “Feed this brain.” I loved when he said that. I asked him why he didn’t start his business yet. He gave me a lot of “Buts” and I responded, “No ‘buts’ what are you going to do about it? Are you going to start this business or not?” Charles looked me in the eye and responded, “I’m going to start this business.” From there we parted ways with a firm handshake and some parting words.

I’m looking forward to seeing these two gentleman and following up with them.

The night wasn’t over though!

You know what… We’ll have to leave that for another post some other time. To be continued…

Oh! Before I go, I forgot to tell you the quote that I gave Mario… the notecard that I gave him said this…

“Faith is the beginning to all riches.”






(why smoothies? I’ll talk about that in another blog)

Ready…too bad! It’s time to take ACTION

Hi! My names Thomas Kubrak and I’m committed to taking action in my life. I am an Entrepreneur, Investor, Giver and a Creator. I recently started my first business and giving back to my community. My goal for this blog is to inspire you all to take Action in your lives. My desire is to have you all taking necessary Action that will ultimately bring you to levels of your professional, and personal lives you never thought were possible.

Come join me in my journey through this crazy world! You’ll not only read posts of me and my journey through life, but you’ll also read posts from all areas designed to inspire you, improve your level of performance and ultimately to TAKE ACTION. I believe in improvement, this blog will be constantly improving, and I will too. Everyone has a choice, and today I’m choosing to start this blog for YOU. With that being said, I also need inspiration in my life. I want to hear your stories too! I want to hear where you’re taking action in your life and maybe even share your story here on ReadyAction to inspire others.

Enough of the procrastination and deliberation! If you have a passion and you have a dream go for it. If you don’t you’re going to have to take Action to find your dream and passion. It doesn’t matter if you’re ready or not either. Just.. Take.. Action.

Well, with that, I’m thrilled to have you on this journey with me! I’ll end my first post with one of my favorite quotes…

“A thousand mile journey begins with a single step” -Anonymous.