Morning Three Pointer- 11 Strategies To Try To Get Your Day Started So You Can Maximize Your Day

By- Tom Kubrak

The goal of this strategy is so you can wake up, stay up, and ultimately have a productive and beneficial morning. In the beginning though when you’re trying to master your mornings it can be difficult. It’s like a secret recipe for a masterfully crafted dish… It takes a little bit of trial and error to find it.

In this case, your best morning routine is the secret recipe. When you find it you won’t have to worry about having one of those “bad mornings” or “one of those weeks.”

How many times have you woke up, layed there in bed, and just reviewed all of the things you had to do? You instantly became overwhelmed with your numerous amounts of things to do. Before hitting the snooze, you fully understood that if you don’t wake up now you’re going to be late and also not have the time to properly prepare yourself for the day. Regardless of all of that you still… went back to bed.

That’s why I recommend picking three of the strategies below to do consistently every morning. Why three? Naturally, our brains and our will power are pretty low when we wake up, so picking three allows us to not overwhelm ourselves and know that we have three things to do.

Keep it simple and choose three of these strategies.

The Strategies

Phone Call To A Friend – this is a good thing to start with with because then you have someone that’s holding you accountable and cheering you on that you can have a great morning that will lead into an awesome day

Boil Water– for coffee or tea

Shave– If you’re a guy this can be a way to, not only splash some cool water in your face to activate your senses, but remind you that this is the look that you’re presenting to the people you choose to be around. So…let’s not mess it up by going back to bed!

Change into your workout clothes- By doing this it puts you into that mindset of “I need to work out” When you have your workout clothes on right away it helps you also not go back to bed.

Music– by playing some music it helps to engage the your hearing senses and pump you up to take on the day.

Incense- whatever type of incense you like, or some people like candles it activates your smelling senses.

Breakfast- A light healthy breakfast, if you choose can give your body the energy you need to spark up your day

Make Your Bed– I’ve read many articles about this theory and find it’s very helpful to put this in your top three. It’s not in my top three but it could be beneficial to you if you need to start your day with a feeling of accomplishment

Write In Your Journal- I personally have many journals for many different purposes. By journaling in the morning it just gets you thinking and naturally, writing things down can help you visualize or remind you of what you want to do for the day.

Put On a Special Hat/Headband/Necklace- Why? It’s just another signal to get your day started. It’s the hat, headband or necklace that you put on to tell you that “I’m going to own this day!”

Drink Water- well without water we wouldn’t be here right? Why not try starting your day with it and hydrating your body

To hit The Morning three point basket though? Pick three of these.

Yes, you probably have to do a couple of the other things but pick three, maybe switch around from time to time(especially if it’s not working), and then do it in a specific order.

“Some people dream of success. Other people wake up and make it happen.” -Wayne Huizenga

By- Tom Kubrak

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The Writing Mindset- 3 Strategies On How To Get Yourself In The Right Mindset To Get The Most Out Of Your Writing

 by- Tom Kubrak 

Often times people have this inner craving to write their life story, write the story of their city, or put together a best selling novel. So we decide to start it. We start strong and with our excitement for the project we are propelled each day and pump out a bunch of pages.

And then… something bad happens.

You fall off. You don’t understand why because just last week you were on a roll and then like the snap of a finger you’re done. Just like that, for the next 3 months, you don’t get anything written down. If you’re not a writer this is especially common. Horror stories are told everyday about “That book I started but never finished,” “That one time I tried writing,” or what about “I tried but it just wasn’t for me.”

If you’re a writer it tends to be more like, “Why did that story fall off?” “Why can’t I figure out this piece like I did that other piece?”  or “What’s wrong with me?! I was writing so good just a few weeks ago and then I just got into this rut.”

These are just a few examples but I think that you get the point.

The specific answer why that happens is unknown but maybe one of those reasons is because you weren’t able to consistently get in the right mindset to write the way that you know you’re capable of. Being in the right mindset is absolutely essential for whatever thing you’re writing, whether that’s a fiction, history, or short story, to turn out the best it can.

What’s “The Writer’s Mindset” though and how do you get in it ?

Clear The Body

It’s important to make sure that you’re body is clear to completely be able to focus and concentrate on the project you’re working on. How do you “clear the body” though?

Some ways you can do that is by fasting so you’re body, instead of being concentrated on digesting all the food you ate for breakfast, can concentrate on helping you think clearly on whatever it is that you’re writing.

Another way you can do that is by hydrating. If you’ve ever played a sport you’ve heard them say, “Make sure to hydrate so you can last throughout the entire game.”

Well… just like in sports. With writing, it’s important and essential to get the most out of you’re writing.


Another way you can do that is by “exercising.” Whether that’s weights, calisthenics, or yoga, it’s about getting the energy you need to think clearly and to stay energized. Especially when you work on a sitting desk, you’re going to need to get the energy to get and stay in that mindset to think about the piece that you’re working on.

Time Goal

In a recent post, I mentioned setting a timer, it’s essential to write down how much you want to put into that piece every day. This allows you to maximize that time you have for yourself. If it’s 10, 15, 20 or 60 minutes, when you write it down and get that timer going it naturally puts you in a state of mind. It’s very similar to a coach barking at you to “run faster kid!” This is a powerful strategy so invest into a timer or use the apps on your phone, to put the best into the time you set for yourself.

Bonus Strategy- MUSIC

Start a playlist/s of your favorite songs. Choose songs and music that allows you to get in the mindset and then continue to write while you’re listening to music. Sometimes the right song is all you need to get you motivated and inspired to finish that piece you’ve been working on.

“Make it happen.” -Anonymous

By- Tom Kubrak

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Set A Timer- 3 Writing Strategies on How To Hold Yourself Accountable and Get The Most Out Of Your Writing

by- Tom Kubrak

“It’s time to write!” (at least that’s what you say in your head)

And then…

Well you simply don’t. Life gets in the way and all of a sudden your master plan to get the next chapter done of your epic novel that you’ve been dreaming about for the last 5 years is once again…

…just a dream.

The Timer

After struggling to get in the right mindset and write the things I wanted to, I was a little fed up. So, after trying a lot of different things, I don’t know where it came from , but I started to time myself with my writing. Almost like a sports game, but instead of starting a ‘stop watch’ I started a countdown clock. I first started it on the app that comes with apple phones but then after projects increased and I found the countdown could be used for other endeavors of mine I purchased the multi-timer app. This helped me track of my writing goals and push me to get the done before the timer struck zero.

Set A Limit

This is about pacing yourself. When you set a limit on how much time to put into a project it allows you to pace yourself and not lose track of time with all of your other projects going on.

We only can go so long until we burn out. If that happens we typically are out for longer than “just a few weeks.

Get a Stand For The Timer or Phone

This will just help you keep the timer at a point where you can easily see it and adjust anything else you need. If you have the Multi-Timer app then a simple phone stand will do. If you get a special clock, then find somewhere in your office to put it that is always visible. Think of it like the scoreboard in a gymnasium… you may not be looking at it all the time but whenever you need to, you know exactly where it’s at.

Bonus Strategy! Pushing Yourself…But Not Too Far?

“You have to push yourself all the time, but not too far.” Said  Blaz Kos. Check out this post on pushing yourself on “creating and setting limits in life” too here, Learn how it correlates directly into your work if you want to get the most out of it.

As a writer, you have to understand that if your energy isn’t write you will not get the best out of your writing.

The timers running. What are you waiting for?

“Hope is not a strategy.” – Vince Lombardi

By- Tom Kubrak


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Sell Outs- 3 Strategies on How To Create What You Want To Create For The Rest of Your Life Without Sacrificing Your Integrity

by- Tom Kubrak

Here is the online definition of a “Sell Out”

“Selling out” is a common idiomatic pejorative expression for the compromising of a person’s integrity, morality, authenticity, or principles in exchange for personal gain, such as money.

People sell out everyday in their chosen creative pursuits. Life gets in the way and clouds the vision of the mind of these people. A thing called pressure begins to creep up on people. Whether that’s an angry family member, wife, friend or coworker that sees you’re creative pursuit as futile. Something of a dream maybe, when in reality, this is who you are and it’s what you want to do.

There’s many creative pursuits out there. Among a few are, musicians, painter, actors, models, writers, photographer, editor, sculptor, wood carvers, designers, and filmmakers.

In the beginning of these pursuits, typically, we are doing it out of sheer love for it. We often don’t think about the potential of making money at this craft until someone validates your work. The thought may or may not have crossed your mind until someone was willing to pay for the work you were doing.

As “Artists” we have many talents and are able to do many things. People will begin to approach you for your abilities. Many times “Artists” are not prepared for that.

Choose Your Number 1 and Commit

Some people like to say, “I’m an artist.” That’s great but what specifically do you do?

Some “Artists” don’t have a number one thing. It’s up to you but if you want to continually create the things that you want to create and not have someone else dictate what you create then you have to have a number one.

Commit to your number one and commit to not giving in to someone trying to abuse your talents.

Because one day someone is going to admire your work and present a check with an enormous number on it that you never thought of because you were doing it for the love of it. But the only catch is, they’re going to ask you to do something that may compromise what you believe and stand for.

When that happens, what will you do?

Step Away, Think, and Ask Yourself Some Questions

When that happens have a battle plan in place. That battle plan could be as simple as. When someone comes to me offering me money for some work they want to do? Step away from the conversation and think about what you have committed to in your Creative Pursuits.

  1. Is this project something I’m genuinely interested in?
  2. If not, if I accept the offer am I just doing it for the money?
  3. Yes I have bills to pay, but am I willing to sacrifice who I am for money?
  4. If I’m interested in the project, will I give it my all?
  5. If I don’t get paid for this project am I okay with it?

Say No

It’s truly easier said then done, but when you have the first 2 strategies locked in and you take your time, you will be able to say no to those situations.

Yes, you may risk missing rent and getting kicked out, or going hungry for a few days but what would you rather do…

Sell Out or Be You?

It’s going to be tough. It’s going to be a long fight.

Choose wisely.

“Don’t give up. Don’t lose hope. Don’t sell out.” -Christopher Reeve

By- Tom Kubrak


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Trusting Your Team- 3 Reasons Why You Need to Trust That Your Team Will Deliver

by- Tom Kubrak

“Hey you’re going to have to watch that guy while I’m gone? Can you do that for me?”

A common example of not trusting someone. Have you approached him/her directly about the problem? If it’s that bad, why is he still even on the team?

It’s time to make some changes and go to the school known as “Trusting University.”

Class is about to start to so lets get a good spot!


The constant check ins, the constant “tell me what’s going on,” while sitting on a beach in Miami, just needs to stop.

Or… you can continue drinking your mohito while shooting those texts and emails, and find an empty office when you walk through the door with your glistening skin from the southern sun.

… I think that was your last vacation for awhile.

Sub-par Results

Yes, you may have a team that’s willing to bite their tongue to your antics of constantly watching over their shoulders, but don’t expect them to be at their best. Because they’re constantly thinking that your watching over their shoulders judging their work. Naturally, they’re not going to feel like their work will ever meet your standards. So… instead of doing the work they know they’re capable of, they’re going to constantly try to tailor their work to your expectations.

Guess what??? Your standards may not be what the project is looking for. Your team might have a better idea that you unintentionally took off the table as a possibility for your inability to them.

If you let them be and do the work they know and you know their capable of, the things that will happen will benefit you and your business in a tremendous amount of ways.

Reaching Full Potential

Another thing is completely diminishing peoples opportunity to grow as a person. When the growing stops so do people. Without the ability to grow in their chosen fields, you are setting your team up for failure…again.

Your constantly delivering hints that “I’m not good enough” which kills self confidence.

Playing devils advocate- Yes, a lot of times there are legitimate reasons to not trust someone on your team, but the problem a lot of us do, is that we don’t approach the culprit directly about the problem. We hint at it but are not direct. Thus, we waste our days and nights trying to catch the untrustworthy person in the act instead of having a sitdown with the person and moving on delivering results and doing the other things your business desperately needs.

Bonus- Ask Yourself?

Check out Daniel Dworkin’s post where he points out how sometimes we need to ask our team about our leadership. Sometimes we become so oblivious and think we’re doing the right thing when we’re not and our team has different perceptions about our perceived immaculate behavior. So do yourself a favor, ask your team more questions and check out Daniel Dworkins post here…

“The best way to find out if you can trust someone is to trust them.” -Ernest Hemingway.


By- Tom Kubrak


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Creating Deadlines- How To Not Let Your Goals and Projects Slip Away

by- Tom Kubrak

Did you just have another project not get completed?

Yup a lot of us have been in your shoes. Remember when you had all the energy in the world to do it and you just thought that nothing would stop you from completing it?

Yeah… I think we all can relate to that.

That time will slip away. Just like the “love stage,” in a marriage, a few years after getting married.

Why Deadlines?

Without deadlines we are hoping that the wind will blow in the right direction at the exact moment for us to complete what we want.

If we rely on the wind for our goals and projects then we won’t get much completed.

The wind is erratic and unpredictable. Comparing that back to us, if we don’t use deadlines then the project or goal we are working on will be just as chaotic.

Think of setting a deadline like a sail on a ship. If we have the sail set right it will use the wind and take you to where you need to be. If you don’t even have a sail well…

Lets just hope and pray you get to land alive.

Resetting A Deadline

If you don’t complete what you wanted by the deadline you set then it’s imperative to make another deadline or the project is at risk of failure.

There is something to be said about letting ideas sit and to not rush the process. But here’s the thing. That’s an idea.

When you have solidified your ideas and are ready to take action it’s time to set some deadlines and use that deadline to push yourself to complete what you have set out to do.

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” – Napoleon Hill

By- Tom Kubrak


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Moving Out- 4 Strategies On How To Move Out of Your Parents House and Not Move Back In

by- Tom Kubrak

If you don’t want to move out then this post isn’t for you.

If you do have desires to move out of your parents house, but don’t know how to do it, then this post is for you.

So… are you ready to get out and stay out?


Set A Date

You may have hit the breaking point with you parents and told yourself, “I’m done! I need to get out!”

Or you may just be at that point where your parents smother you so much and now at an age where your embarrassed to tell anyone you still live with your parents.

Wherever your at, whether that’s high school, college, or out of college when you get the hint it’s probably time.

Set a goal, hold yourself accountable, and write it down. There’s power in writing things down.

The goal could be as simple as, “By this date on ___  ____ year I will not be living with my parents.

Create A Budget

When you find your place, before moving in, go over how much money you’re bringing in currently and go over your expenses.

That includes…

  • Bills
  • Cleaning products
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Hygiene products
  • Extra curricular activities
  • etc.

No Looking Back

You may be saying… “Why do I need to create a budget? I have money from my parents coming in every month.”

Are you  really moved out then?

Essentially, you’re at a boarding school where your parents are paying for the bills.

No matter what happens. It’s time to leave the nest and experience this crazy world.

Make the most of it and fight through those tough times. It will make you into an incredibly strong person that can handle whatever challenges come your way.

Emergency Fund

When you’re paying for things on your own, it’s essential to create an emergency fund.


Because things aren’t always going to be going so smooth.

Check out Robert Farrington’s post on “The College Investor” where he mentions emergency funds, some strategies with it, and how to be prepared when things don’t go the way you planned it.

Check it out here

“I may move slowly, but I never move backwards.” -Abraham Lincoln

By- Tom Kubrak


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