Consistent Setup- A Winning Writing Strategy that will Keep you Writing No Matter What Life Throws at You

By- Tom Kubrak

Every time. Every time. Every time. Every time. Every time…

Do you get it yet? Setting up your desk the same way every time is essential as a writer.

It’s hard to be consistent. Every day. Well not every day… if you’ve been following my posts for awhile you know I believe in that one day off, consistently every week, to give yourself a mental break.

Consistency takes practice. It starts first in your head though. You must say “I will be consistent.” You must, write down how exactly you will be consistent too.

Some important things to remember, as a writer, when you’re setting your desk up…(whether it’s in your office, at a cafe or bar. It stays the same. Granted, you may have a different glass or coaster at a bar.)

The Setup: Things To Keep In Mind Where you Want To Setup on Your Desk

  1. Laptop Setup
  2. Pen/s setup-
  3. Notebook setup-
  4. Drink set up- Coffee, tea, beer, wine, liquor
  5. Water setup
  6. Coaster setup- This is an important piece to the process. Think about a plane without a runway. Without thinking, you know where to set your coffee down once you take a drink of it
  7. Phone- I use a phone stand right now but if you’re using your phone like me for various reasons when I’m writing it needs to be at a convenient spot
  8. Watch- If you use your watch as a timer like me sometimes then it’s good to have that at a good place on your desk too as part of your setup

An important word to remember is separation in all of this. Separation is key too. Each one of those elements is secluded from the rest.

Bonus Shoutout:

Check out Oluwatosin Faith Kolawole post on here… . Her first point is simple but something that even seasoned writers neglect. “It hones your writing skills.” Don’t ever believe you are “at your best.” There’s always room for improvement.

It sounds a little too simple to take seriously but setting up your desk the same time every time will assist in getting you locked into the work your supposed to be doing and not waste any mental energy on “Where did I put my pencil” or “Damn it! I thought I put a coaster down for my cold beverage.”

It doesn’t matter what you’re going through or how close the deadline is… Trust the process and get yourself setup to get the job done right. If you don’t have the time to hit the deadline, if you do your setup process, then you simply failed. So that means that you’ll have to put “Setup time” into your travel time and learn that setting up is as essential as the title page for the story your writing.

To compare this strategy to life think of a house that has been standing for hundreds of years. Ask yourself now, “Why is this house still around and the others aren’t?”

Well sometimes disaster strikes other homes but the ones that do stand through the toughest storms are the ones with the strongest foundations. Floods, fires, epic storms of all kinds, there’s nothing that can take it down. The biggest reason for that is the strong foundations that the builders made sure would withstand the test of time.

With your ‘Consistent Setup” think about that. How will you withstand the toughest storms in your life that threaten everything you’ve been working so hard to build? How will you continue to make content and work towards what you want to do in life?


“The secret to having an epically beloved bakery is consistency.” -Christina Tosi 

By- Tom Kubrak

IG & TWTR- @Tomkubrak



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