Eat The S*** – 3 Strategies On How To Take Ownership of Your Actions When You Screw Up

by- Tom Kubrak

Do it. Dial the phone. Don’t accept your actions. Call for help and dig yourself into an even bigger hole.

Or, when you screw up, stand your ground and take the consequences like a professional and an adult.

Face Your Problem…

Yup… you did something wrong. Admit it… yes you, you the person that is reading this post. Somewhere in your life you did something wrong to someone. Whether that was a few minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years ago there’s a situation in your past that you haven’t quite faced yet. Yes, there are things that you just had to move on from, but the same problems that you frequently have been bringing up to your friends for the last 5 years, yeah those are the ones you’re not facing. Those are the issues that you are making countless amounts of BS excuses why you can’t do it. Why this person did that and you did nothing. Oh yeah, you somehow became the innocent victim.

Lose Your Face

This step is usually the hardest because you actually have to talk to the person. You actually have to go out of your way for something you may or may not believe you were in the wrong. Regardless, if you want to move forward with your life with nothing bad on your mind, then you must apologize. Say your sorry, if you didn’t think it was wrong they might have. They might of took what you did the wrong way.

So, once you lose your face and apologize, you’re in the clear. You can move on with your life and take that distraction out.

The other person, if they don’t want to accept the new person you’ve become and your apology well… that’s up to them if they can’t move on. No, it’s not about picking up right where you left off. That may not happen again, for the best of both parties, but at least you can be civil and respectful of each other and stop wasting everyone’s time at parties by complaining about something you need to address.

Once you do lose your face though, for my fellow business people, you can take that distraction out of the corner of your brain for good, so you can concentrate on building the best business’ possible.

Solve the Problem

One of my favorite sayings, You can either solve the problem or prolong the problem.

If you choose to solve your problems, then write out what you did wrong, tell a close associate, and then write out how you’re not going to let it happen again. By writing it down, you’re putting a mental tattoo in your brain to remind yourself not to do what you did wrong again, when a similar situation arises.

Eat The Shit

If you successfully accomplish those three strategies you can officially say that you’ve ate some shit.

After reading those three strategies, it’s important to know that Eating Shit doesn’t just come into play with people, it comes with your own personal matters including, personal finances, car problems, forgetting to brush teeth, not making time to clean the house, forgetting to pick up groceries, not charging your phone before going into the office, etc.

You have to deal with those consequences too, or you can somehow avoid them. Especially, when you fail to meet personal finance responsibilities. With some people, it’s very easy not to face those consequences head on
None of this is easy. Some of us are better at it then others in that we solve these problems when they arise quicker than other people who try to wait it out or just simply refuse to solve whatever negative matter arose. Regardless, like anything, Eating some shit takes practice. Especially, if you’re in the business community, because you’re going to screw up all the way until they dig your grave.


“Solve the Problem. Don’t prolong it.” -Anonymous.”


By- Tom Kubrak

IG & TWTR- @Tomkubrak


image by- Emoji

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