Crappy Sentence Pages- A Writing Strategy Before You Even Start To Write The Story

Tom Kubrak

This strategy will help you get into a daily habit of writing. Also it will help you find your writing pace, stretch your fingers, and let go of all of the junk you have in your head so you can focus on the story/post your working on.

Have you ever just ‘not been feeling it’ or said to yourself, ‘I just don’t think I have the creativity in me today’ well listen…

If you want to write, and you consider yourself a writer, you can’t wait for the ‘wind to blow in the right direction’ in order for you to write the book you’ve always wanted to write. Although, some days are better than others, when you’re writing you can’t make that excuse if you want to compete with the best.


‘Crappy Sentence Pages(CSP)’ has evolved from ‘Crappy Stories.’ I got that idea from another writer.(I can’t remember it now but when I do I will make sure to shout them out in and edited post). Crappy stories, is writing one story a day on one page, at minimum. Crappy Stories, is something I still recommend for writers who are just starting out. For CSP, It doesn’t matter if it makes sense or not, you just have to write a page of something.

This is just a reminder, at least for me, that we as writers need to continue to change things up and adapt our strategies and rituals when necessary. Knowing when to do that is part of the art.

Before You Write

CSP is designed to be done before you start to write the story/post. Get the momentum going as they say. Start typing and then don’t stop until you’re satisfied you can go into the piece you’ve set out to work on that day.                                                                              


So, when you start getting into the game we call “writing” lets face it you’re going to face some tough deadlines. This strategy will train you for those moments where you just didn’t perform as well as you could have during the week. CSP will allow you to find your ‘writing pace’ and then hopefully increase it over time.

Also, when the deadline is two hours away and you begin to get nervous, you will be able to confidently say “I got this” because you kept CSP in your Writing Routine each day you began to write.

No Punctuation

Crappy sentence pages(CSP) is not about typing a fluent, nice, or even close to a story that others would want to read. CSP is about just letting go of everything that’s in your head. In other words, getting all of the junk out, so you have a clear path for when you dig into the real project. It could be 20 stories on that one page. For CSP, you don’t even need to use punctuation. Actually, periods and other punctuation is forbidden in this strategy anyway.


It will pay off… if you stick with it. Sometimes you’re not going to want to open up that second page to do CSP, but if you trust in the process the returns will far out weigh that extra few clicks you have to make.

It’s Fun!

Also, Crappy Sentence Pages can be fun too! See how fast you can type without getting a spelling error or something else. Try different typing techniques and see if you can have your fingers just glide across the keyboard to the next letter. See how far you can lift up your fingers, while maintaining pace, and then striking each finger down with an “emphatic type on the keyboard. Yes someone may walk by and ask you, “Hey is everything okay?” And you’ll respond, “Heck yeah dude!”


A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”

— Richard Bach

By- Tom Kubrak

IG & TWTR- @Tomkubrak




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