Morning Three Pointer- 11 Strategies To Try To Get Your Day Started So You Can Maximize Your Day

By- Tom Kubrak

The goal of this strategy is so you can wake up, stay up, and ultimately have a productive and beneficial morning. In the beginning though when you’re trying to master your mornings it can be difficult. It’s like a secret recipe for a masterfully crafted dish… It takes a little bit of trial and error to find it.

In this case, your best morning routine is the secret recipe. When you find it you won’t have to worry about having one of those “bad mornings” or “one of those weeks.”

How many times have you woke up, layed there in bed, and just reviewed all of the things you had to do? You instantly became overwhelmed with your numerous amounts of things to do. Before hitting the snooze, you fully understood that if you don’t wake up now you’re going to be late and also not have the time to properly prepare yourself for the day. Regardless of all of that you still… went back to bed.

That’s why I recommend picking three of the strategies below to do consistently every morning. Why three? Naturally, our brains and our will power are pretty low when we wake up, so picking three allows us to not overwhelm ourselves and know that we have three things to do.

Keep it simple and choose three of these strategies.

The Strategies

Phone Call To A Friend – this is a good thing to start with with because then you have someone that’s holding you accountable and cheering you on that you can have a great morning that will lead into an awesome day

Boil Water– for coffee or tea

Shave– If you’re a guy this can be a way to, not only splash some cool water in your face to activate your senses, but remind you that this is the look that you’re presenting to the people you choose to be around. So…let’s not mess it up by going back to bed!

Change into your workout clothes- By doing this it puts you into that mindset of “I need to work out” When you have your workout clothes on right away it helps you also not go back to bed.

Music– by playing some music it helps to engage the your hearing senses and pump you up to take on the day.

Incense- whatever type of incense you like, or some people like candles it activates your smelling senses.

Breakfast- A light healthy breakfast, if you choose can give your body the energy you need to spark up your day

Make Your Bed– I’ve read many articles about this theory and find it’s very helpful to put this in your top three. It’s not in my top three but it could be beneficial to you if you need to start your day with a feeling of accomplishment

Write In Your Journal- I personally have many journals for many different purposes. By journaling in the morning it just gets you thinking and naturally, writing things down can help you visualize or remind you of what you want to do for the day.

Put On a Special Hat/Headband/Necklace- Why? It’s just another signal to get your day started. It’s the hat, headband or necklace that you put on to tell you that “I’m going to own this day!”

Drink Water- well without water we wouldn’t be here right? Why not try starting your day with it and hydrating your body

To hit The Morning three point basket though? Pick three of these.

Yes, you probably have to do a couple of the other things but pick three, maybe switch around from time to time(especially if it’s not working), and then do it in a specific order.

“Some people dream of success. Other people wake up and make it happen.” -Wayne Huizenga

By- Tom Kubrak

IG & TWTR- @Tomkubrak


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