Set A Timer- 3 Writing Strategies on How To Hold Yourself Accountable and Get The Most Out Of Your Writing

by- Tom Kubrak

“It’s time to write!” (at least that’s what you say in your head)

And then…

Well you simply don’t. Life gets in the way and all of a sudden your master plan to get the next chapter done of your epic novel that you’ve been dreaming about for the last 5 years is once again…

…just a dream.

The Timer

After struggling to get in the right mindset and write the things I wanted to, I was a little fed up. So, after trying a lot of different things, I don’t know where it came from , but I started to time myself with my writing. Almost like a sports game, but instead of starting a ‘stop watch’ I started a countdown clock. I first started it on the app that comes with apple phones but then after projects increased and I found the countdown could be used for other endeavors of mine I purchased the multi-timer app. This helped me track of my writing goals and push me to get the done before the timer struck zero.

Set A Limit

This is about pacing yourself. When you set a limit on how much time to put into a project it allows you to pace yourself and not lose track of time with all of your other projects going on.

We only can go so long until we burn out. If that happens we typically are out for longer than “just a few weeks.

Get a Stand For The Timer or Phone

This will just help you keep the timer at a point where you can easily see it and adjust anything else you need. If you have the Multi-Timer app then a simple phone stand will do. If you get a special clock, then find somewhere in your office to put it that is always visible. Think of it like the scoreboard in a gymnasium… you may not be looking at it all the time but whenever you need to, you know exactly where it’s at.

Bonus Strategy! Pushing Yourself…But Not Too Far?

“You have to push yourself all the time, but not too far.” Said  Blaz Kos. Check out this post on pushing yourself on “creating and setting limits in life” too here, Learn how it correlates directly into your work if you want to get the most out of it.

As a writer, you have to understand that if your energy isn’t write you will not get the best out of your writing.

The timers running. What are you waiting for?

“Hope is not a strategy.” – Vince Lombardi

By- Tom Kubrak


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