Trusting Your Team- 3 Reasons Why You Need to Trust That Your Team Will Deliver

by- Tom Kubrak

“Hey you’re going to have to watch that guy while I’m gone? Can you do that for me?”

A common example of not trusting someone. Have you approached him/her directly about the problem? If it’s that bad, why is he still even on the team?

It’s time to make some changes and go to the school known as “Trusting University.”

Class is about to start to so lets get a good spot!


The constant check ins, the constant “tell me what’s going on,” while sitting on a beach in Miami, just needs to stop.

Or… you can continue drinking your mohito while shooting those texts and emails, and find an empty office when you walk through the door with your glistening skin from the southern sun.

… I think that was your last vacation for awhile.

Sub-par Results

Yes, you may have a team that’s willing to bite their tongue to your antics of constantly watching over their shoulders, but don’t expect them to be at their best. Because they’re constantly thinking that your watching over their shoulders judging their work. Naturally, they’re not going to feel like their work will ever meet your standards. So… instead of doing the work they know they’re capable of, they’re going to constantly try to tailor their work to your expectations.

Guess what??? Your standards may not be what the project is looking for. Your team might have a better idea that you unintentionally took off the table as a possibility for your inability to them.

If you let them be and do the work they know and you know their capable of, the things that will happen will benefit you and your business in a tremendous amount of ways.

Reaching Full Potential

Another thing is completely diminishing peoples opportunity to grow as a person. When the growing stops so do people. Without the ability to grow in their chosen fields, you are setting your team up for failure…again.

Your constantly delivering hints that “I’m not good enough” which kills self confidence.

Playing devils advocate- Yes, a lot of times there are legitimate reasons to not trust someone on your team, but the problem a lot of us do, is that we don’t approach the culprit directly about the problem. We hint at it but are not direct. Thus, we waste our days and nights trying to catch the untrustworthy person in the act instead of having a sitdown with the person and moving on delivering results and doing the other things your business desperately needs.

Bonus- Ask Yourself?

Check out Daniel Dworkin’s post where he points out how sometimes we need to ask our team about our leadership. Sometimes we become so oblivious and think we’re doing the right thing when we’re not and our team has different perceptions about our perceived immaculate behavior. So do yourself a favor, ask your team more questions and check out Daniel Dworkins post here…

“The best way to find out if you can trust someone is to trust them.” -Ernest Hemingway.


By- Tom Kubrak


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