The Fundamentals- 3 Daily Fundamentals That You Just Can’t Neglect

By- Tom Kubrak

Don’t just try and get by. You only can just get by for so long until you start to crumble.


Your Body

If you want to get past those tough times in your day when you know you need to work but your so tired or those times where you have a meeting with a colleague but you’re just ‘not feeling it’ then…

Working out is a step you can take.

Start implementing daily walking to recharge yourself throughout the day and start a workout routine that will give you the energy to get you through those times during the day where you don’t want to do anything but watch movies and sleep.

Your Mind

Implement a routine that will allow you to think and visualize your day. Sometimes we just are so overwhelmed with what is going on in our lives that we have no idea what to do. Sometimes the answer is within ourselves but the only way to find it is to hang out with yourself.

So… implement a way to be with yourself by starting a visualization or meditation routine.

Educating Yourself

Back in the day when wars were fought with swords and knives a true warrior never went out until he sharpened his blade to cut through his enemies with ease.

Are you a true warrior?

Is your blade sharpened so you can cut through the daily battles and temptations that will arise?

Well… if you’re not educating yourself with a reading plan and listening to podcasts or CD’s then your blade is not sharpened.

Implement a reading plan that will help you improve yourself and your chosen craft.

Bonus Fundamental!

Mark Harrison writes about some fundamentals in his post His first point “Be Proactive” stands out to me because if you’re not proactive your going to miss things and when you miss things you tend to be in a state of worry. Thus, causing you to stop going for the things that you want. Check out the rest of his point in the post!

“It tough times, one has to see if the fundamentals of the business are good or not .” – Naveen Tewari

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By- Tom Kubrak


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