Education Kill Shot- 3 Strategies On How To Kill Your Bad Habit

by- Tom Kubrak

You’re going to have to do something you don’t want to do to get something you want.

By doing that you can get to the next place in your life that you want to.

Forget about what you did.

Everything that you’re trying to accomplish is right there in front of you but there’s one thing that’s standing in your way… YOURSELF

You can’t seem to give up _____ .(That’s your bad habit)

What Are You Living For?

It’s what you’re currently living for in this world. You’re living for the next burger, drink, smoke, hit, social media post, news story, episode of ____ on Netflix, store to go shopping in, etc.

For ages, people have been working on the perfect way to get rid of whatever is going on in their lives to rid of the bad habit that they have. There’s plenty of examples. Many that are great. People try therapy, exercising, meeting up and talking to someone, hiring a therapist or nutritionist, going to AA(Alcoholics Anonymous) but for some reason it never cures the problem.

Especially for the people without the financial resources, they’re forced to rely on themselves and to many that’s the worst option because we are… our own worst enemies.

The Kill Shot

How do you beat this beast without funneling a ton of money into something that may or may not work?

It’s the oldest trick in the book and before all of these therapies were even careers the only thing that people had was education.

Picking up a book.

BANG BANG BANG(the guns going off after the people are in sheer terror from hearing the news that they have to read again)

Which too many of us haven’t done in years. No matter what reason that is because, it’s time to pick up a book and start educating yourself.

A Reading Plan 

Get yourself on a customized reading plan. If you haven’t read in years then start with a few minutes a day. Yes two minutes or even one.

Then work your way up from there. That’s where you need to start to get where you need to go in getting rid of that bad habit.

Try getting a few people together too to read. Not only will you be helping someone else out but you’ll be putting an extra layer of protection on that you stick with this habit.

Self Improvement Books

This is one of the fundamentals of life. Read up on how to improve yourself daily. Just like Michael Jordan never stopped practicing bounce practices. This is something, no matter how good you get, that you just can’t give up.

Constantly educate yourself.

Become An Expert On Your Bad Habit

Educate yourself on whatever bad habit you have.

Figure out why you need to give it up. Not only to give you more peace of mind but for health reasons too.

Become an expert on the topic to educate people who fall into the same trap so they can get out of it quicker.

“But the truth is that, breaking bad habits are highly dependent on the man in the mirror.” – Jacqueline Walker

Visual by– Erik Renninger @erikrenninger

By- Tom Kubrak


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