Health Before Business- Why You need to Set Your Work Aside and Evaluate Your Health

By- Tom  Kubrak

It’s game time things are about to go down. You have an agenda. Big things are about to happen in your life. It’s so close. Everything you’ve been working so hard to get in your life is right there. You can smell it. You can taste it. It’s within reach. You can’t wait. All you have to do is reach out and take it. There’s just one problem though…

You’re all fucked up.

You’ve been neglecting your health and it’s about to catch up on you in the worst way.

What are you going to do next? 

Story Time!

Finally it was time.

“Hey man are you ready?”

“Hell yeah!”

In reality, this was something that he thought was the right answer but knew that something could happen to him at any moment because it had happened before and had totally taken him off of his course. A course that he was riding again, but on a different medium, and enduring an unseen pain for the last few months since leaving another job once attaining all of the information possible from taking advantage of all of the learning opportunities before they became bare.

He had been working through it. He was aware of what was happening to him and  his body but became a newly formed icicle to the possibility of it happening again.

He just kept letting each day go by without addressing it. What was the big deal? I mean if he got through one day, then why couldn’t he get through the next few days, weeks, months, and years. The worst had already came so why would it happen again?

A lunch and a dinner go by without the results

Another morning passed without a workout

Another night passed of giving into the late night munchies.

Another phone call missed times twenty

Another book wasn’t picked up to read and grow.

Another opportunity to introduce yourself to someone that could help you out with your career was missed.

Time went by to no avail. The people kept seeing the smile that was on his face but in reality it was a sour look of happiness. One that hidden underneath the corners of the curled lips, actually meant that he was in sheer terror of what could happen at any moment.

Ignorant he was, to his fate to happen in just a few moments.

Story Time Ch. 2- “The Case”

Terror didn’t show, but in the depths of his case he feared his current path and going all the way back to the bottom that he had just dug far enough to scrape the top of the case revealing a sunlight he had never seen before. The case that he had put himself into on purpose for his mission.

A case that meant more than just “You’re nothing” it meant that if you get out of this case. This stinky, smelly, molded, bug ridden, work haltering, health concerned, case, that you could do anything.

So there he was in this case and allowing the voices inside of it to beat him. To tear him down to the inner depths of the case. 

Voices with faceless, body less, seemingly nonexistent to the world, beings. The voices he listened to taught him how to continue to neglect himself to the point of going all the way back to the place he was at five years prior.

This case that others have been in and seen the beauty, but did not see the dark side of it because it was only revealed upon their departure.

A battle waged inside of the case that wasn’t heard from the outside world. If it was the smell of madness would have in-sighted a worldwide riot causing the earth to spin in a new direction.

It was time to leave the case on pursuit of his mission. Everyone who was on his team had been prepping for this day for about a month now. He went but then something traumatic happened to him that nearly took him into a different more volatile case.

A tweak of some sorts came through his body. He had felt this before and knew what he had to do.  

He canceled everything for the day causing questions that he could not give the answer to. 

Somehow he got back to the case and sent the mission to his team that knew what to do. Embarrassed he was inside. He was the cause. Everything finally caught back up to him and he was back in his case at the same level he was at years before.

The difference now, he knew how to get back and he knew the sacrifices he had to make to bring himself back to where he needed to be. The rebuilding process would be quicker.

If he lost some people in the process,  he had to accept it because he did this to himself. His desire to fight another day was the prevailing factor of his survival that  day that his ego wasn’t able to counter.

He had to face the consequences like a man.

If he didn’t he would be locked in the case forever.

Right there, he made the sacrifices necessary and began to rebuild. To get himself back to where he needed to be.

Just him. That’s where he needed to start because that’s where it was going to end. Everything else in between him and him was also necessary but it had to start with him.

So he began.

Getting Overwhelmed

When you start saying that, “I’m overwhelmed!” to people or that your “knee deep in shit”  then…

You probably are!

Your making “The Secret” which is revealed in the book “The Secret” happen in another way(Go give it a read) that wasn’t intended by the other. You’re not bringing yourself up, you’re bringing yourself down.

Physically Hurting

Recognize when you’re body is beginning to give in. Recognize when you start getting sick  more. Recognize when you’re back starts giving out . Recognize and admit to yourself that you missed the gym the last month. Ask yourselves questions like?

“What is wrong?”

“Where can I seek help”

“What’s one thing that I can do to help myself out?”

Mentally Hurting

It’s not just outside but inside you are starting to lose it. So many tasks are beginning to pile up. So many things that you committed to are just not getting done.

Ask yourself questions like…

“Do I need to take a break?”

“Do I need to take a day off to reassess?”

“Do I need to push some projects aside while I finish the main ones?”

“What needs to get done first?”

“Do I need to set a daily to-do list?”

“Am I overextending myself?”

“What can I do differently that will help me think clearly?”

“Where can I seek help?”

Keep Plugging Away… In A different Way

If we could just drop everything and go on a vacation that would be great but in reality we can’t do that. We have too many bills to pay and too many responsibilities.

So you have to keep plugging away and working but there is something you can do.

Create a new strategy and dig yourself out of the mess your in.

Put Yourself #1

At the end of the day, realizing that you can’t help anyone if there isn’t a you is powerful. So why do we keep neglecting ourselves?

Check out Herbert Lui’s post on some strategies on how to put yourself first here

Point number two stands out the most to me. I picked up a book on my bookshelf that I got at a garage sale a while back and just started reading it. It was about a writer and those first few pages made a great impact on me. I believe it’s a great idea to read biographies about people in your chosen craft.

“The healthy, the strong individual is the one who asks for help when he needs it” – Rona Barret

Visual by- Erik Renninger @ErikRenninger

By- Tom Kubrak


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