Collaboration- The Benefits of Collaborating With Other Business’ & People

By- Tom Kubrak


Someone just approached you. They have an idea that could help you both out. You’re next response will make or break this potential collaboration. But the question is should you even care? I mean, you’re business is already doing pretty good. Why should you let this person talk to you? Who even are they? 


It’s simply an opportunity. It could take your business to a whole different level. That’s if you welcome it. Treat the person with respect and allow them to say their peace.

Stay Open Minded

While starting this relationship just listen and welcome the new ideas. At the end of the day it may not be the best thing but maybe you could help another business out by sharing the idea with someone you know.

Take your time

All great things take time. Don’t rush  it. As a business’ owner it’s easy to only think about the money but concentrate on establishing a relationship with your potential partner so if that idea doesn’t work out you can still work with each other. Plus so you can just talk.

Don’t make enemies with people that have the best intentions for you.


“Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where it sprang up.” -Anonymous




By- Tom kubrak @tomkubrak

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