Food Addiction- 5 Strategies on How To Overcome Your Addiction To Food

By- Tom Kubrak

You’re an addict… of food. Admit it. Your trying to hide it but it’s time to take action and overcome this beast.

Self Accountability/Punishments

You have to be accountable to yourself first. That’s your biggest battle. You must win the battle with yourself. There’s many strategies to do that. Including…

  1. Write down what you’re going to eat the next day before going to bed
  2. Write out a list of things you’re not going to eat
  3. Create punishments for yourself for eating one of those things or goiing outside of your food plan. For example…
    1. 50 jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups
    2. 10 minute jog
    3. Read for 10 minutes(not easy for a lot of people)
    4. Sit still, with music, for 5-10 minutes

Yes, some of those punishments may not be fun but trust the process and overtime the goal is to instill in your mind that, just like when you were a child… there’s punishments for your actions.

Tell/Ask 1-3 People

Just tell two people of your battle with food. Keep it at three people whom you like and trust because if you tell more than it will just become too big for you to control and may even diminish your chances of winning the battle.

The next step is to ask one person if they will be your accountability partner. This person is the person that will ‘lay down the hammer’ on you when you try to start to talk yourself out of why you’re doing this and making excuses for your bad actions. Find the right person and give the freedom to tell you the truth. Also, make a commitment plan with this person and schedule weekly phone calls and meetups.

Start a Group

Find people who you know are struggling with the same issue and band together to share your daily struggles and victories.

You can use the “Groupme” app for this or start a once a month meetup group. Make it fun too. You can make it a fun competition while keeping the serious nature of overcoming your addiction.


Many addicts of all sorts are still on edge about this step. I’m for moderation because it allows you to enjoy the foods you love. The only problem for the moderation technique is not knowing what moderation means to you.

That’s why you have to set limits. Right down what you’re going to eat daily and if you break that then, going back to step one, give yourself consequences for going over.

If you do decide to quit your bad food completely then find a good replacement for what you’re giving up or you’ll pick up something worse.

Develop A Deep Desire to Win

Ultimately, if you don’t have a deep desire to succeed in your chosen craft all of the other steps may only work in the short term. Make a drastic effort in getting enthusiastic every day about pursuing your craft. Not when you feel like it because that will give you a scapegoat to bless yourself with the best excuse for Food Addicts to eat bad, “It’s okay to eat this right now, I deserve it.”

Science and Food

Check out Kris Gunnars story about Food Addiction. Where he mentions some of the science behind some of the foods we eat, it’s effect on our bodies and mind. Plus some more useful tips!

Check it out here

“Checking your ego, abandoning it, letting it go, is a huge part of recovery from your addiction.” -Susannah Grant

Visual by- Erik Renninger @ErikRenninger

By- Tom Kubrak


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