Stolen Idea- How Your Business Should React When Someone Steals Your Idea

By- Tom Kubrak

“Are you F****** kidding me! That bastard is going to pay. I sware by my great great great grandfathers grave that that mother f***** is going to pay for what they’ve done.”

And there you go… for the next two or three months cursing the person that in your mind has ruined you.

Instead of concentrating on your business you are allowing someone else’s actions to disrupt your business.

More importantly you’re not worrying about yourself and all the great things that you can do.

Did they steal my idea?

Maybe they did. Maybe they didn’t. The better thing to ask yourself is, “What do I do now?”(More on that later)


They most likely stole your idea because it was a great idea. Yes it wasn’t right that they stole it but trust in karma. It’s not your job to punish them.

If you had that great of an idea you can have another great idea. Just keep working!


  1. Stop and think.
  2. Don’t react
  3. Talk to your team
  4. Ask yourself, “Is it worth it?”
  5. If needed try to confront the person directly( with someone with you)
  6. Keep running your business
  7. Help your community out


Erin Blakemore has some good advice on the best revenge you can give someone when they steal your idea.

“The best revenge is massive success.” -Frank Sinatra

By- Tom Kubrak


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