Product Disapproval- How Your Business Should React When A Customer Disapproves of Your Product

By- Tom Kubrak

You may think that you have the best product… but do you?


Keep an Open Mind

It’s too easy to get caught up in your vision and what you have produced. You may have a great product but what happens when the first customer comes up and says something like, “It’s missing something” or “I don’t like it.”

Maybe you want to have a negative reaction to that person saying that, but hold your tongue. Take this seriously. It may be just the one customer, but it also may be more than just one customer. So don’t get defensive. The most important thing is finding out if other people feel the same way and if so what you need to do to fix this.

Ask Your Customer Base

If you have a brick and mortar just ask people what they think about the product. If you have an online business’ then, with social media, reach out to your customers and ask them what they think.

Adjust, Keep or Scrap?

Once you get your desired feedback it’s time to come to a conclusion. Was it just the one person or was there more people that had the same thoughts?

Do you need to make adjustments to the product, keep it as is, or just cut it out of your product line altogether?

Refund Requests

Check out Marie Forleo’s post/video on the proper ways to handle when customers ask for a refund and are upset. Check it out here

Know Your Product

At the end of the day though, regardless of the feedback, it’s your product. If you strongly believe in it still after some negative backlash, hold strong.

Just don’t neglect others opinions. The one opinion you do decide to neglect, could be the breakthrough you need to push your company/product to the best level yet.

“Critique, feedback, reaction to one’s work or the way they presented, regardless of intention, is a gift.” -Mark Brand

By- Tom Kubrak


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