Trending- How Your Business Should React When A Popular Trend Comes Along

By- Tom Kubrak

I am…

The answer lies within defining who you are.

Think of a trend like a storm. A hurricane specifically. They don’t last forever. But they can be devastating.

If you’re not…

prepared that is.

A hurricane can take places, people and business’ driven down to nothing.


Being that ReadyAction is based out of Raritan New Jersey, we’ll concentrate on Hurricane Sandy.

A hurricane that devastated areas along the upper East Coast shore line. Many areas were effected but a prime point of the storm was The Jersey Shore. Some homes were swept right into the ocean. Included in the destruction of this super storms path was the legendary Seaside Heights Roller Coaster. Along with the homes that wereswept away, boardwalks were washed away and business’ lost everything all in the short period of time it took the hurricane to raise the ocean floor and it’s rushing winds.

A woman looks at a roller coaster sitting in the ocean, when the boardwalk it was built upon collapsed during Hurricane Sandy, in Seaside Heights, New Jersey

visual by-

Reacting To The Trend/Storm


  1. Define who you are as a company.
  2. What is the trend(Write it down! Get specific.)
  3. Ask yourself…”Does it fit into who we are as a company?”
  4. Implement a trend only if you still will be a prosperous business when the trend falls.

If you decide to implement a trend into your company too early…

Well… think of it like being three quarters of the way through the foundation and then just saying, “F*** it! Let’s start to build the second floor of the house!”

That is silly but if you did manage to get the house up, without putting those few bricks into the foundation, eventually…

…it’s going to fall.

In the beginning stages of your business you must establish “Your Foundation” or “Your Number One Thing.” Make it strong and always be able to fall back on your one thing that your customers know you will always have or be able to do.

Coca-Cola once tried to change their recipe and after a short period the customers wanted the old recipe back. They still had the recipe and re-implemented it back into the marketplace. The tried something new and it didn’t work but they were able to survive it because they reacted quickly and listened to their customers.


One of the best things you can do for yourself to get prepared for what’s going on in the business world is to simply…

There’s many ways you can do this too. In “Business & IP Centre” post they describe ways you can do that including…

  1. Talk to your customers and then…______.
  2. Follow Social Media accounts related to your industry and ______.
  3. Read publications
  4. Check the rest of the ideas out in their post

Also, talk to the people in your community. Being online is great, but your next door neighbor may have the answer you’re looking for.

The Storm Will Come

Will you be ready for it?

“Most people don’t listen with the intent to understand. They listen with the intent to reply.” – Stephen R. Covey

By- Tom Kubrak


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Visual by- Erik Renninger @ErikRenninger

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