The Right Team – Your Business Will Prosper if You Have…

by- Tom Kubrak

Something isn’t right. You can’t quite put your finger on it though. You need to figure it out quickly or things are going to go very bad for you and your business.

Wait a minute…

Is it?

It can’t be!

But it is.

You need to bring on board the right people or get rid of the wrong people to keep your business afloat.

Building Your Team

When you first start a business you’re usually very excited. That’s perfectly natural but you oftentimes overlook the things that could go wrong if you don’t…
Etc. etc. etc. But you don’t see those things because your in the love stage of your business.

For one, your capital is good, at the moment, and you want to turn the lights on to your new business, going as quickly as possible. So, you start bringing people on board and you do it fast.

Overlooking the fact that the person you just hired might not be the right fit because your so set on just getting bodies on the floor and not actually getting to know these people before bringing them on board.

Check out another post by Aileron on the importance of hiring right,

Identify and Fit

Does the person fit the culture that you have in place? Do you have a culture?

Well first figure out what your culture is, and then bring on people that are your culture or fit people into it that you believe can eventually get there.

Check out Mike Gingerich’s post on his website expanding more on this topic here,

“ Identify the type of person that fits your organization and team culture.” -Mike Gingerich


An old friend asked me the other day through text, “So are you still Networking?” A little taken back by the question I replied, “Always my friend, in and out of my work, I’m always networking.”

Networking is often misunderstood in business, because people think networking happens at Networking events. Yes, Networking happens at “Networking events” but it can also happen in the line at the coffee shop, outside on the street, the super market, the gym, etc. You really never know who you’re going to meet, but you won’t meet that person if you only think you should talk to people at Networking events

Sometimes they’ll become a friend, and sometimes they’ll become a friend and business partner.

Check out Stever Robbins Post on his thoughts on Networking here…

“Networking is a time honored way to find new hires.” -Stever Robbins


Do you have the right systems put in place when you get your team setup? If you don’t get on it. Those hours and days you spend developing your training will save you so much time and money in the long run. This idea will be expanded more on a later post.

“Surround yourself with people who support you. Find champions.” -Sarah Gavlon

By- Tom Kubrak


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