Open Environment – Your Business Will Prosper If…

By-  Tom Kubrak

Why do we love all these “open world” video games?

For example… you have games such as Elder Scrolls’ Skyrim(pictured above),  Minecraft, Grand theft Auto, Mafia, Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, Starbound, Fallout, etc.

What do video games have to do with this post?

Well… open world video games are adored because they’re based on the idea of freedom and keep having players return to it wanting more from it.

Why? They allow you to win, if you choose, or you can just have a good time in it.

But for the ones that do decide to play to win, these video games, have laid out an excellent path so you can do so.

With freedom comes responsibilities. Just like in business, there are guidelines in these video games to follow… if you want to succeed in it that is…

  1. Be open minded- as a business owner this should be your first priority
  2. Tell your employees that you want to hear what they say
  3. Design an open office space(email me for detai
  4. Keep your office door open
  5. Come out and talk to your employees/customers
  6. Use artwork that promotes creativity and inspires
  7. Reaffirm to your employees/coworkers that you want to hear their opinion(and then do it again).
  8. Make an “idea/thoughts” wall for everyone in the office
  9. Allow people to move around the office and go outside if they want during the work day
  10. Hear out everyone- That means texts, emails, phone calls, and random walk ins


Check out Youtech & Associates post on why an open environment helps with “Community and Collaboration” in the work space.

So the challenge… do your guidelines, that you have set in place for your business, promote an “open world” where the people can prosper or do they promote a ‘closed world’ where the people will ultimately lose?

“Stay open minded. Things aren’t always what they seem to be.” -Anonymous

By- Tom Kubrak

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