Cancelled Meeting – 5 Things To Do If Your Meeting Gets Cancelled or Rescheduled

by- Tom Kubrak

You arrived early to the meeting at the cafe because you’ve been trying to schedule this meeting for ages with this person. You’ve been planning for what you’re going to say and you’ve played out almost every scenario.

Except one.

You feel the vibration in your pocket and begin to think, “Who could that be?”

Not fully wrapping your mind around the fact that it might be the inevitable text. So… you take out the phone and find out your worst nightmare. It read, “…

…”Hey I’m so sorry but can we reschedule? Something important just came up and I need to take care of. I’m so sorry but lets get in touch early next week to reschedule.”

Your head drops in between your knees. Your left there sitting in the cafe, your emotions at an all time high, and you don’t have a clue to do next because…

You never prepared yourself to get that text.

Prepare For The Best

Do your absolute best to be prepared for the meeting.

Check out Kevin Daum’s story on preparing for meetings here

Prepare for the Worst

It might happen and it might not. What do you do next if the meeting gets cancelled though.


  • Have some other projects to do
  • Social Media Post
  • Catch up on emails/texts/phone calls
  • Schedule meetings
  • Just keep taking action as if the meeting was still happening


“I am prepared for the worst but hope for the best.” -Benjamin Disraeli

By- Tom Kubrak

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