Jet Life- 24 Ways To Work Smarter Not Harder

By- Tom Kubrak

You’re running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. In fact, you’ve been doing it for far to long. Do you want to actually get those little things done so you can tackle those big ideas you have? Or… do you want to keep spinning your wheels in the sand

  1. Take time to set up your work station– Have a routine and keep it consistent. Arrive a few minutes early. Say your hellos and properly set up your workstation so you don’t end up saying, “Where did I put that ____!”
  2. Answer important texts and emails
  3. Write it down– If you think of something that you probably should do write it down. You’re twice as likely to remember it having written it down.
  4. Filter by importance – This is about your messages and emails you get throughout the work day. During work hours answer work emails. That means set time aside so you can answer those personal emails and text messages
  5. Take a day off– Trust it. The money may be screaming at you and an opportunity might come up but give yourself some time to rest, recharge, clean, organize and/or whatever you have to do to get yourself ready for the week.
  6. Resolve personal issues– At least do your best so that fight you had last night with your spouse doesn’t bog your mind in the middle of a big project your trying to finish up
  7. Eat healthy food throughout the day
    1. Check out a few of Matthew Kadey’s healthy snack ideas
  8. Don’t skip meals
  9. Don’t eat Alone– Step away from the desk and don’t forget there’s someone out there that you haven’t met yet and that you need to talk to. Maybe someone who could greatly benefit from your work and what your trying to do. Give them some time and have  simple lunch or dinner with them. Check out the book by Keith Ferrazzi, “Never Eat Alone”
  10. Step away from your desk- when needed. Get your energy back and stretch your legs a little. Or… risk falling asleep at the desk.
  11. Stay hydrated– Don’t neglect this ever neglected liquid. This will not only keep your energy up but will help eliminate those random hunger urges that come up throughout the day.
  12. Quick Workout– Sometimes you start drifting away while your in the middle of a project. Well recognize that get out of your desk and get the blood pumping again by going on a light jog, doing some pushups, or doing some jumping jacks at your desk
  13. Skip a Meal– Yes this is contrary to point number 8 but sometimes you screwed up and over ate your breakfast and your still feeling stuffed by the time lunch comes around. Well.. instead of shoving more food down your throat. Take a break and skip the meal so your body can get back to balance and recover itself.
  14. Eat a light healthy snack– If your hungry and your stomach noises just keep bothering you, what are you waiting for. Relieve that urge and have that light healthy snack
  15. Make that phone call– Sometimes you forgot something a week back and just the thought of that thing you forgot is disrupting your work. Well take that disruptive thought out by taking your phone out, pausing your work, and making the call!
  16. Send that text– Someone just texted you. Maybe you should get back to them. If you can, do it. Pause your work real quick and get back to hem asap.
  17. Go on Social Media(not too long though. You have work to do.) – I’ll write another post about the benefits of Social Media if you’re a business owner, writer, artist, musician or Creative of some sorts. But if you have already decided and see the benefits spend quality time to make quality posts to connect with your target audience
  18. Have a drink – sometimes we forget to just sit down, and have that mini celebration. You had a good day. That doesn’t mean drink the whole bottle on a Tuesday night, but enjoy a good drink. You deserve it.
  19. Give the person 5– If someone wants to talk with you… Let them! Don’t be rude. Sometimes your in the middle of something but if you can give them 5 minutes, give them 5 minutes. Who knows maybe they can help you out, inspire you, or maybe you can help them out with a crisis.
  20. Arrive a little early and settle in- Say hello to your coworkers and stop rushing into your work.
  21. Establish a consistent morning routine– What I see by many people for their morning routines is… Right when the alarm rings, they snooze it, take a shower quickly, throw on their clothes, run down stairs, maybe grab a quick granola bar/bagel/piece of fruit, jump in the car and head off for the day. Usually that is less than an hour. Respect the benefits of morning routines, fight to wake up earlier to fit in the workout, reading session, healthy breakfast, and personal time. Check out The Morning Experience on ReadyAction for some strategies
  22. Establish a consistent evening routine– We all think were superman and can stay up to the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes it happens but don’t make it a habit. Establish a “Target Bed Time” so you can go to bed and wake up at a consistent time to allow you to produce your desired results. Check out The Evening Experience on ReadyAction for some strategies
  23. Read the damn book– Take some time to ease that thought of, “I really wish I read that book” by… Reading the damn book! And then make some time to read another.
  24. Have a Cookie– Sometimes we’re so rigid with our diet that we can’t concentrate on anything else. Be flexible for goodness sakes, and allow yourself that one cookie. Just don’t eat the whole box!

Yes, some of these things take time and you may miss a phone call sometimes. But what’s more important, You or the phone call?

Find one of these strategies and see if it improves your work at all and the end results.

“Either you run the day or the day runs you.” -Jim Rohn

By- Tom Kubrak

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