Respect it- 3 Strategies to Respect Your Craft and Produce Results at The Highest Level

by- Tom Kubrak


Bartender- What’re we drinking tonight my friend?

Customer- The usual Joe.

Bartender- And what’s your usual again?

Customer- The Special 3. You know me.

Bartender- Yea I hear you. So just to confirm. You want the 1 shot, 1 martini, and 1 beer Friday night special.

Customer- Correct but…

Bartender- (interrupts the customer) ah ah I know what it is just hold on a second.

Customer- OKAY OKAY go ahead let’s see if you remember.

Bartender- So specifically you want a I Can’t Workout Because I don’t Make Time for It Shot, a I Don’t Respect Myself Martini, and our most popular I don’t like to read anymore because I Went To College. Is that correct?

Customer- I knew you would remember… and make it snappy. Because I’m thirsty.

Bartender- (starts to laugh as he digs his head into the cooler to grab the three drink glasses)


Check out Kevin Daum’s post on INC to help you get more connected with yourself/Own Mind to improve yourself.

Point number one of Kevin’s article is where it needs to begin. “Know yourself.” But some of you may be reading this and are saying, “but I don’t know myself, How do I find myself?” Check out the rest of Kevin’s article to learn some strategies to do so. He gives some powerful steps to do so.


Check out Michelle Schoffro Cook’s post on Care2 about some ways you can improve your health with just a few changes or new strategies in your life.

Point number two stands out to me, because sometimes all it takes to start helping out your body is by just going on a walk. Obviously if you you’re body is in a tough situation it might take a little more but for some just try going for a walk in a park or even just around the block


Check out Celestine Chua’s post on LifeHack to get some strategies on different ways you can educate yourself here.

Points number 2 and 5 stand out to me. Number two, because that’s what I’m delving into now. I’m working on learning Spanish right no. Point number 5, ‘Create an inspirational room’ In many ways I think this is a foundational element we all should set up in our lives so we can have a post stop go back to everyday to remind us of all of the our dreams and goals.

The three elements mentioned in this post are all crucial if you want to get the most out of your work in your chosen craft. Make sure to have a routine with each of these everyday.

Email me to get how I incorporate these three elements into my daily routine.

“Well you can’t teach the poetry but you can teach the craft.” -David Hockney

By- Tom Kubrak

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