Respect Minus Professionalism- How To Truly Value Everyone & Their Time

by- Tom Kubrak

Have you ever felt like someone was walking all over you and you just were taking it because you felt like there was no other way?

Maybe because they were your only source of income and if you spoke up maybe they would do something to you.

Maybe fire you or something?

It’s scary. It’s really a scary time when you know you’re not being treated right but you’re afraid what will happen if you speak up and lose your source of income possibly


Have you ever heard the ancient adage, “Treat others the way that you want to be treated?”

Yea that’s all fine and dandy and most of us think were doing that when were smiling and laughing at the person when they walk in the door and then say a funny joke.

But right when they would like to meet with you and maybe have an idea for something, you turn them down like their a little speck of dust that you knock off the shelf once a month(maybe you pay someone to do that for you). 

Regardless you don’t treat the person the same way when you’re not face to face with them.

Respect Plus Professionalism

If you have both of these then you’re a step ahead. If you don’t then you must learn the significance of each of these if you want to strengthen your relationships or further your career. Whether that’s in life or business. It goes both ways. Family and friends alike too.

When you add Professionalism to the mix you not only respect the person, regardless of what income level they’re at but you also give them the time and day if they want to meet with you.


You respect their time by showing up on time for the meeting and treating the meeting like it’s the only thing on the calendar and importance chart.

You never know what that 15 minutes you could spare for that person can turn into. But if you lack respect and professionalism you’ll never know.

Gaining Respect

Lolly Daskal, in her post at goes in depth on this post giving 99 ways on how to gain respect. Points 10, 22, 23, 29, and 31 stand out to me.


Chris Joseph, in his post at talks about 10 characterisics of being a professional. His 3rd point on reliability stand out because why would you want to work with someone that you can’t count on?

So ask yourself this question, are you working with anyone right now that when you see them face to face they respect you but whenever you’re not together they don’t have any professionalism?

Maybe it’s time to make a decision.

This decision won’t be easy but you must make the best decision for yourself.

Whether that means a conversation or breaking off the business relationship.

Don’t let people walk all over you. No matter who they are, what they’re doing for you or what title they hold.

“Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.”

-H. Jackson Brown Jr.

By- Tom Kubrak

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