Using Your Ego Web- Controlling Your Ego and Understanding The Positives and Negatives Behind A Big Fat Ego

By- Tom Kubrak

Your Big Fat Ego isn’t all bad… but sometimes you need to just stop and other times you need to be bold and initiate your Ego Web.

Think of your ego like a superpower(like Spiderman’s ability to shoot a web out of his arm), initiate it when needed. Whether that’s in a big life decision or a big business deal that you feel you need to be bold in or a time when you need to just keep your mouth shut and/or ask for a little guidance on whatever journey you’re on.

The Goods of A Big Fat Ego

  1. Become more independent, allowing you to get through life’s toughest times and go for your biggest dreams and goals.
  2. Make bold decisions and take necessary risks.
  3. Score the girl or guy that you’ve liked for the last year but haven’t been able to get their attention because you’ve been too timid.

The Bads of A Big Fat Ego

You can miss an opportunity to help somebody in need

You can miss out on opportunities to further your career by thinking “I don’t need help. I can do it all by myself!”

You may take some unnecessary risks that can put you in a bad financial situation or a bad health situation.

You can ruin relationships with family and friends

You can cause someone you love a lot of grief and worry.


Something that’s easily forgotten. Check out Tim Denning’s post on Your Big Fat Ego on “Addicted 2 Success”

“Manners and the way you treat people matter. Entrepreneurship is not about you; it’s about serving everyone else.” – Tim Denning

Unnecessary Pressure

We’re tough independent people right? But are you willing to sacrifice yourself when you could easily just talk to someone? Check out Laura Kalbag’s post on ‘A List Apart’

“Striving for perfection without the input of others doesn’t just put pressure on our self-esteem, it also restricts the scope for a solution.” -Laura Kalbag

Finding Balance

In this tangled mess of whether or not you should totally leave your ego behind it’s about finding balance with it all.

I mean, think about The Man behind the mask, Spiderman, for a second… Half the day he had to be Peter Parker, go to school, be a photographer and then do his best to make dinner with his Aunt and Uncle.

But when he got ‘the call’ it was time to be Spiderman. It was time to let go of his normal life and save some people’s lives.

He wasn’t doing that the entire day though! Could you imagine how exhausted he would have been?

He probably would have been bored half the time having solved all the crime for the day eating Cheetos and playing Uno with King Kong on top of the Empire State Building.

So, learn when you need to be humble and keep your “Ego Web” dormant and then learn when you need to be bold and shoot your Ego Web all across Your City.

“Have a little ego, but not too much.”

-Sumit Gutpa

Art by

Spiderman Homecoming Art Department

By- Tom Kubrak

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