People First Work Second

By- Tom Kubrak

Work work work work work RIGHT?

It’s all about the bottom line and putting food on the table and feeding the family.

That’s great.

No really that’s important…

So many of us miss out on so many opportunities that could have been so much better if we had just opened our eyes a little bit and gave ourselves the opportunity to see it. 

We’re workers.  Work is good yes. But what is happening when we are doing… work.

Well for some of us we’re missing out on some things.

The Consequence of Being to Invested into our Work

Sometimes  it turns into family problems problems. Sometimes it turns into problems in the workplace. Sometimes we lose some great relationships we had established and have to part ways with old friends.

What is the problem? Why does it always come down to this and have to deal with these life problems?

Well… Were putting our work in front of others.

Why? Because were not patient. That word is a driver in life and and opens up many doors but too many of us aren’t patient.

In fact we even have come to the point where we think patience is a bad thing.

When we want something we want it right away and if we can’t get it exactly when we want it we get frustrated and go to the ends of the earth to make it happen. You’re willing to sacrifice anything to get it.

And that’s at the expence of others and yourself.

It’s one of the hardest things to learn.


Through the years I thought I could make things happened within just a few minutes, a few days, a few times …

Sometimes it did happen quickly, but other times it didn’t. I had to wait. 

It killed me. One of the hardest things to learn, again, is patience. Why because we don’t want to go through that tumultuous time of waiting to get what we want. It’s tough and very difficult.

You want to reach the top but how do you get there?

What do we forget sometimes when we are so deeply invested into our work.

What matters the most… That can mean something different for everybody but the point is yes our work puts food on the table

But you know what needs to happen first?


We like to work. Work is good but to what extent are we willing to go to.

Why are we so anxious?

Why are we so nervous?

What’s happening to us in these moments of uncertainty?

Do we have a fear of getting fired if we don’t make the deadline?

Yes strive to hit the deadline but do we really have to lose ourselves, our relationships with the one’s we love at the expense of a powerpoint presentation that may or may not make a big impact on the company?

If you’re too busy and engulfed in you’re work you can miss one.

Becoming Impatient

The team at MindTools describe 9 ways on how to manage when you start becoming impatient. Check the Link out here

Becoming A More Patient Person

Lindsay Holmes in her post on Huff Post describes 5 tricks to become a more patient person. In one of her “tricks” she talks about how we want that instant gratification element so bad but facing ourselves to wait can reverse this desire. Check it out here

Creating A Routine

John Rampton in his article on Inc describes in one of his “10 ways” the importance of creating a routine to help us work smarter not harder. Check it out here

Taking Breaks

There’s been many times when I’ve been in such a work flow that after an hour or two of writing or designing I have to just stand up and go on a walk or something. A video I was watching today featuring Celeste Chaney, highlighted her views on just taking a break and stepping away from the work.

Hearing that other writers do this is reassuring. What you get out of your walks or whatever type of break you take is totally unique to you.

What’s important to remember is the fact that sometimes you need to take a break to get yourself back to reality and to what really matters.

It’s easy to get lost in your work. Especially if it’s your passion. You can get lost and be happy.

For those who’s work is not their passion, they get lost and their mad.

What’s most important to you?

With all of what is going on in your life including,  paying the bills, and/or “putting food on the table,” how can you find balance in the chaos and not only do your work, but remember the people that are around you everyday that you could help and the people in your life that you love.

Every moment is an opportunity.

What are you going to do with the next one?

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” -Anonymous

By- Tom Kubrak

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