The Bounce Back Effect- 10 Strategies and Sacrifices To Get You Back On Track Towards Completing Your Goals

by- Tom Kubrak

Sometimes we fall off track when were trying to complete our goals. It’s too easy to. We fall into old habits or pick up some new ones. Sometimes they’re constructive and beneficial to ourselves, but usually they’re the opposite and bring us down to levels that are so far away from what we were striving for we start to forget about what we even set out to do in the first place.

Has that ever happened to you? If that’s the case, some things you can ask yourself are… what triggered this? What was I doing during this time? Why did I forget about my goals?

Some people don’t ever get to this point where they actually admit that they’ve failed or made a mistake and need help. Our pride gets in the way many times. With that being said, you first have to admit where your at.

Once you’ve made the first step, you have to now address what you did wrong and prevent yourself from repeating that same mistake.

Bouncing Back

Step 1– Write down what you did or what state of mind you were in

Step 2– Write out how long you were and why.

Step 3– Write down some things you will do differently for the future so you don’t repeat it again.

Step 4– Review your declaration, write it down and say it out loud a few times

After you’ve addressed your mistakes it’s now time to bounce back to get after your goals again. 

Daily Bounce Back

Oftentimes, we just have some bad moments during the day. Of course(you’re saying) we all do don’t we? That happens but they often lead to more bad moments if you don’t address it and make a sacrifice(create a consequence or give up something that you’re going to enjoy). If you don’t, that one bad moment can create other bad moments during the rest of the day or maybe even the week. You have to be your own parent.

Some Sacrifices

Give up a meal (Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner)

Don’t watch Netflix that day

Skip the late night snack

Cancel/reschedule the drinks you were looking forward to having with a friend

No Starbucks coffee the next morning

Other Strategies

  1. Volunteer– There have been many times where I fell into a little bit of a rut and I didn’t know what to do. I got recharged again after I decided to step away from my computer and do a little volunteering. Sometimes just seeing what’s really important can humble you back to a point where you’re mentally balanced and ready to work on your goals again
  2. Challenge Yourself- This is about just reminding yourself what your capable of and avoiding the I can’t do that saying. Test your limits. Put a few extra miles in your daily run, see how many pushups you can do, see how long you can type without stopping, etc etc etc
  3. Cut out Bad Habits- Check out S.J Scotts post about some of his strategies to help you do that. Tip number 25- “rewarding yourself” stands out to me.
  4. Create Good Habits to replace the bad ones
  5. Move on from your grudge– Sometimes you can find yourself on the Gossip Train… Not only will this hurt other people, who are the main topic of this gossip, but it hurts you. When you’re on the Gossip Train one thing you’re not on is The Goal Train– which you need to be working on. So, find the other person, talk about it, and at least do your part in, addressing what happened, forgiving them, and then moving on from the grudge

“Everybody, at some point in their life, has fallen down and not felt like getting back up, but you have to, no matter how difficult it is.” – Anonymous

By- Tom Kubrak

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