The Morning Experience- 7 Strategies To Help You Start Your Day Right and Get You Through The Rest Of It

By- Tom Kubrak

Overtime you’ve probably heard all of the typical bland stuff like, “You should workout, you should meditate, you should have a healthy breakfast.” Blah-blah-blah right? Why do you keep hearing these things though? Does it actually help you have a better day or are these people just crazy?

Just like an event or party that you’re really excited about and can’t wait to go to, find ways to get excited about your mornings. Create an epic experience out of it.

Not only will what you do have a direct impact on your energy levels, but having a great Experience creates a vivid mental picture that will last through the whole day that you can accomplish anything. 

Why do you want to have a good morning?

Before you have a good morning experience, you need to ask yourself, “Why do I want to have a good morning? What are some of your goals? What are you fighting for? When you don’t want to get up in the morning, a little reminder about those reasons will get you up.

Check out Kerstin Pilz on her view about starting the day off right with a good morning.

“Morning Experience” Strategies

  1. Hydrate- Drink a large glass of water when you wake up and then another glass before you start the work day. Specifically, I drink between 60-64z of water throughout the entirety of the day. Check out this article on to learn the importance of starting your day off with water 
  2. Prayer/Meditation/Visualization- Personally I seperate Prayer from Meditation. One practice I use currently is a 10 minute Timer that I set and put on a playlist from Spotify’s “Focus” section. I’m still mastering my practice though, so I’m open for ideas and suggestions. Overall, it has been a game changer for me.
  3. Workout– Right now I do a 30 minute(in my room) calisthenics or body weight Routine. I suggest if you’re struggling with developing a workout habit start with 5 or 10 minutes of something everyday. This will get your body & mind prepared to increase that number over the next few weeks and months.
  4. Personal Hygiene- Shower & Shave
  5. Breakfast- Eat a small healthy breakfast. Have a cup of coffee or tea. Currently I eat a high protein and fiber breakfast of Organic- Oatmeal, Peanut Butter, Milk and a Banana.
  6. Education– I like to read a book about a skill I’m trying to develop or a personal improvement book. On Sunday’s I like to give my mind a break from all of the skill develop books and dig into some fantasy to let my mind wander a little. Email me for my current reading list. Check out how Aaron Dowd incorporates studying as a part of his morning routine
  7. Morning Pages– Just write. Write anything. This will help you go into the day with a creative mind. Personally, I write one page about an event from the previous day and make a dramatic story out of it. I have some fun with this one. Check out Cathryn Levry and article about what her “Morning Pages” strategy is. Your’s might be different too

*Email me about my current reading list and workout routine.

Invest Into Your Mornings

Spend some money on a new coffee, new razor, better breakfast, a book, new shampoo, workout equipment. I just think this gets you excited about trying something new and it allows you to “spruce” up your morning so it’s not the same routine every time. Thus, helping you want to get out of bed.

It’s just a natural thing I believe when you put your hard earned money into something you take it more seriously. For example- if you go to an expensive restaurant to celebrate something you usually eat the lobster that you just spent a 125$ on. You’re not going to leave it on the table and walk away. So, if you spend money on a new razor, naturally, you’re going to want to use it.

Create Accountability

Find yourself an accountability partner when you’re first developing a morning experience or somebody who wants to develop one too. Talk weekly. I used to have an accountability partner but now I use Social Media(email me and I’ll share you my current accountability strategy).


If you wake up a little earlier and you like music, carve some time out to discover some new music. I like to use the “Discover Weekly” playlist sometimes on Spotify.

Remember, it takes time to develop these habits, so find what works for you and find what doesn’t. If you have a bad morning, restart the next day. Learn from where you messed up, adjust as needed and then move on to the next morning. The benefits of developing your own “Morning Experience” has tremendous payoffs in the end.

Take it one morning at a time.


Whether the day is for writing, designing, or painting, the consistent practice of a morning routine is the doorway into it all. – Anonymous

By- Tom Kubrak

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