The One Bite Left Strategy- 9 Strategies To Overcome Your Overeating and Bad Eating Habits

By- Tom Kubrak

Have you ever been to a party where you were having a great time and then… “The Infamous Party Crasher” walks through the door.

You can’t believe it. You ask yourself, “Who invited this person!? I mean, are they insane? This person has a 99% percent free throw percentage in killing the night.

If you can’t relate to that maybe you can relate to this ancient saying… “It only takes one time to screw everything up.”

The “One Bite Left” Strategy

During my battle with food I’ve overate to the point where I was in the bathroom throwing up from all the food I forced in my body. It hasn’t been fun. Other circumstances… I just ate so much where I ate myself into a long nap. Sounds a little better right? Not really…

After trying out so many things, the biggest thing that has helped me out has been a strategy that I implemented called “The One Bite Left Strategy.” Although the other strategies in which I will talk about below have been helpful, this has been a game changer for me. It’s helped me overcome my urge to dig into seconds, thirds, and then digging into the snacks less than an hour after I have a meal.

“The One Bite Left Strategy” in short is when you have a plate of food and just when you’re about to finish you stop… and leave one bite on the plate. Don’t finish the whole thing. Leave one bite left on the plate and then throw it away. Sounds crazy right? With me I don’t just “throw it away” either. I spike it like Rob Gronkowski after scoring a touchdown. Have fun with it. 

Gronk Spike

It’s about tricking the brain. As a person who is used to eating non stop, I finally realized after getting into my career that how much I eat directly correlates with the results I have for my work and the energy I have to complete all my tasks during the day. So I made the move to start the process of controlling my bad overeating habits.

Other Strategies To Control Your Eating

  1. Create Consistent Eating Times– Try to do this for the whole week but if you can at least do it the night before when planning out your day.
  2. Identify your Danger zones- For me that was my room. It was always open season for me in there.
  3. Create a set of guidelines where you can and can’t eat.
  4. Make consequences when you break your guidelines that you set for yourself. One of my consequences I set for eating in my room was running a lap around the block. Another one was to do lunges down my street(I got some funny looks sometimes).
  5. Start a food Journal– At the end of each night take your journal and write down exactly what you ate during the day and at the end of the week review it. This will help you see what exactly you are messing up on and what you can do better.
  6. Implement a cheat day- This is helpful but don’t abuse it. If you do it will have the opposite effect. So, enjoy some of those bad foods you love but remember…eat it in moderation.
  7. Take the temptations out- Perri O. Blumberg goes into detail about this concept in his article on
  8. Don’t wake up and run to the kitchen for breakfast- Spend some time in your room or somewhere other than the kitchen and do some thinking, planning, visualizing, and do some deep breathing exercises to remind you why you’re taking on “The Battle With Food”

It’s about trial and error and when I started inputting these strategies into my own life it wasn’t easy but I started the process. The battle continues for me but from where I was at it’s an incredible difference. 

Start now and take on your overeating and bad eating habits. Before you do though, get clear on why your doing it.

Are you producing the results at the level you want to be? Are you missing out on events and missing out on time with the people? Write it down and look at it everyday.

“A thousand mile journey begins with a single step.” -Anonymous

By- Tom Kubrak

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