3 Strategies To Gain Momentum In Your Career & Life

By- Tom Kubrak

Have you ever been watching a sports game and found yourself thinking, “I just want to skip to the last 5 minutes” or before even reading a book found yourself saying, “You know what I think I’m just going to skip to the last chapter and call it good.”

Maybe you haven’t done that(I definitely have) but it’s important to watch the whole thing or read the whole thing in order to get the whole experience and understand how X team won and Y character fell in love at the end.

It’s about educating ourselves consistently if we want to see change and to not take any shortcuts

#1- Food/Nutrition

Start the process of shifting your mindset that you don’t need to eat so much. If you want to have the energy for the duration of the day it’s important to realize that what you put into your body directly correlates with your energy through the day.

There’s so many resources out there from nutritionists that you can find on what to eat and what not to eat. One that stood out to me was by Yael Cohen who points out the significance of eating in moderation, enjoying the cookie, some foods to eat, and foods to stay away from (https://greatist.com/health/diet-and-deprivation-enjoying-food)

 I couldn’t agree more with him on the moderation element. On my battle with food and   overcoming my urge to eat all the time and of course, eat the wrong foods, it started with me starting to eat in moderation and realizing the energy I had through the rest of the day when I didn’t eat myself to nap time.

#2- Quality Time with Yourself

If you don’t do it already than it’s time to start. Check out this post by Leigh Weingus to learn some of the benefits of spending time with yourself before digging into some of the strategies I listed below (https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/04/27/spending-time-alone_n_7154166.html)

Ways you can spend quality time with yourself

  1. Meditation/Visualization-
  2. Going on a walk
  3. Getting a cup of coffee
  4. Take a long bath/shower
  5. Exercise
  6. Go out to dinner
  7. Start a journal

There’s so many ways you can do this. There’s no one size fits all. Just know that it’s a process, take it day by day and find the strategy the works best for you

#3- Set 3 Goals

These goals don’t have to be huge. This isn’t about overwhelming yourself. So set 3 manageable and achievable goals.

Every journey starts with the first step and you can’t walk across the United States  in a day. So start small. For example…if you’re a writer start with a page a day(not 10. That will come later).

Much like building a house, before any of the furniture is brought in. The foundation must be laid weeks and months beforehand. Once you see yourself accomplishing these goals each day or even just accomplishing one. You will gain more confidence and start to find the drive to take on more and bigger challenges.

“Momentum begets momentum, and the best way to start is to start.” -anonymous

By- Tom Kubrak

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