The Netflix Factor- 7 Strategies To Limit Your Binge Watching Habit.

By- Tom Kubrak

Grab a seat people! Grab your popcorn, your snacks and your drinks because it’s time for a classic “binging session.”

It’s not a new phenomenon. It’s been around for awhile but we are just learning some new things about the effects of constant “binge watching” to an individual.

This is… “The Netflix Factor.”

Do you like to binge watch your favorite tv shows and finish them in a few weeks, days or even in less than 24 hours?

In today’s world with technology and streaming websites on our phones it’s just to easy. We all have our stories of binge watching our favorite shows and movies.

Mine… a few years ago when I was not working I watched 5 seasons of Game of Thrones in 3 weeks. Best part, I already had seen it.

What’s your “binging” story?(comment or email me your story)

I was fortunate I was able to find some reasons to stop and fill my time with other things. Looking back, I was extremely overwhelmed and depressed.

Depression and Sleep Deprivation

According to some recent studies binge watching isn’t as harmless as we once thought it was (

According to there is a select few people that watch tv shows from start to finish when they’re released on Netflix.

Things like sleep deprivation, obesity, depression and anxiety are all linked to excessive binge watching.


It’s clear that binge watching is pretty popular and it can’t all be bad. Personally I still like to stream my favorite shows. So, on another note, there can be positives to watching  episodes on Netflix or whatever your favorite streaming website is. Some include, allows people to recharge, educate themselves, laugh a little and spark an element of creativity.

The biggest problem many of us face is overdoing it though. Instead of watching repeats of Breaking Bad or Seinfield for 4 hours maybe we could be doing something else more beneficial. Not only to yourself, but to our communities.

Some ways to stop your Binging

  1. Create a strict bed and wake up time.
  2. Create an evening routine that you enjoy(Check out “The Evening Experience” on ReadyAction for some ideas)
  3. Fill your calendar with activities.

Check out Joanna Clay’s article for more about creating those bed and wake up times.

Some Replacement Activities 

  1. Volunteer weekly for some organization you like in your community
  2. Meet up with friends and family
  3. Schedule phone calls
  4. Go out for a coffee with someone
  5. Pick up a “Side Hustle”(something that will generate income for you over the long term- Check out the Podcast “Side Hustle School”)
  6. Schedule a meeting/dinner with yourself
  7. Fill in the time with education or something you always wanted to learn about. History, science, a foreign language, math, etc.

Pro Tip- Don’t completely “Veg out” during the weekend. It will trail into the week.

Some benefits of stopping that “Binging Habit”

  1. More energy throughout the day to accomplish your endeavors
  2. Better Relationships
  3. Helping out your community
  4. Being healthier

The key is to find reasons to stop. It’s not about killing the binging habit right away it’s about limiting the habit to an hour or two a night, a few days a week, or set aside a day a week to watch a couple episodes of your favorite show. It’s doing it in moderation. The goal is to eventually not have that urge to watch our favorite show every spare moment we have.


“Keep busy, it’s the cheapest medicine there is.” -Anonymous


By- Tom Kubrak

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