Start Investing In Yourself – 9 Strategies On How To Invest In Yourself That Are Not Related To Buying Stocks

By- Tom Kubrak

What do you want right now? Better yet… what do you need and how are you going to get it?

Investing is something that all of us do everyday. but few of us really understand the questions, “Where is the best place to put my money and how should I spend it?”

A lot of times our mindset is on saving money, which is good, but sometimes we have to spend a little extra money on the premium products if we want to get the best results. 

Have you ever thought about investing in things other than stocks and real estate?

One thing that we neglect to do sometimes, is invest in ourselves. One big reason is because we just don’t know how.

Join me in changing our thinking on investing.

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Common Investments(Investing as we know)

Here are some common things people think of when they hear about things they should invest in.

  1. Stocks
  2. Real Estate

These aren’t bad things to think about investing in but what we fail to do is find ways to invest in ourselves.

Investing Defined

According to ‘Invest’ is defined- to put (money) to use, by purchase or expenditure, in something offering potential profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value.

That makes sense right. What stands out to me is potential profitable returns. Why? Because we need to start investing in the long term not the short term.  

Investing in ourselves(The Bad)

The bad investments in ourselves that I’m referring to are instant gratification investments.

We all have those expenditures that we know are bad for us. We may have a weekly shopping habit, a late snack run, getting take out every night, or just scrolling the internet with that “urge to buy something”

Don’t get it twisted though. It’s okay to have a cheat day… occasionally. But when this starts to become a habit that’s when you really need to start thinking about other ways to spend your money.

Or just stop complaining about not having any money when you need to buy something.

Investing in ourselves(The Good)

Remember, this is for you.

You need to find what is best for you to invest in… for yourself. Invest in things your interested in or that will be beneficial to you.

Some ways you can do that…

    1. Buy some tickets to a networking or training event– that relates to what field or fields you’re interested in so you.
    2. Buying books(and reading them)- Check out for some great books on sale.
    3. Buy an online course
    4. Buying tools/materials- again these things are related to your craft. This could be a new computer program, pens, clothes pencils, new microphone, etc.
    5. Dinner or Coffee- with someone that you want to work with. Or with yourself if you need some time with yourself.
    6. Health- Buy quality and healthy food. Buy a new bed if your back is hurting. Quality personal hygiene products. It doesn’t always have to be “cheap.”
    7. Time- Investing our time into a project that we always wanted to start can be extremely fruitful in the long term.
    8. Technology– New computer, headphones, bluetooth speaker, apps etc.
    9. Recreation– Don’t be afraid to buy some train tickets into the city to see some shows or events that might give you some inspiration or just give you a break from your crazy work life.

Pay offs of long term investments

Investing in stocks, real estate, and even ourselves is not easy and sometimes it’s downright frustrating to not see the results we want sooner. But with patience and hard work we will see these investments pay off.

    1. New Career that you love- Start to use the tools you invested in to move into a career you love
    2. Start dropping bad habits and pick up good ones that will move you forward on your career path and personal growth journey.
    3. Have more money.
    4. Become healthier.
    5. More energy
    6. Happiness–  There’s no better feeling than just being happy. This post isn’t about “How to become happy.” But investing in yourself can be fruitful for you in helping you out. It may be tough in the beginning but this is a huge payoff for these investments in ourselves.



Sacrifices you may need to make to start investing in yourself

  1. Start cutting your take out/eating out budget
  2. Change your transportation if possible (train or Bike)
  3. Cut the binging habits (eating, shopping)

In general just be frugal with your money and buy what you need not what you want… at least not all the time. Just don’t make it a habit.

Spend some money today… on yourself.


“You have to constantly be reinventing yourself and investing into the future.” – Anonymous

By- Tom Kubrak

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