Trigger Point- Identifying The Actions In Your Life That Are Stopping You From Working on Your Goals Consistently.

By- Tom Kubrak

It feels so good in that moment… but at the end of it you know it was a bad idea.

It’s not easy. Don’t worry, it’s not supposed to be if you want to be happy and achieve your goals.

Sometimes on this road to improving yourself, working on a project, starting your own company or developing your skills as an artist, you find yourself making a lot of progress. You start to feel the momentum and you start reaping the benefits of your hard work.

Until… you fall off and see no progress for days, weeks or months.

Looking back, what was it that happened? What started this ‘tailspin’ of ‘unproductivity,’ procrastination, laziness, arrogance, and failure?

In many circumstances we can find the exact moment or thing we did where we started to fall off track in pursuit of our goals.

Some examples of ‘Triggers’ 

  1. You got in a fight with a loved one or friend.
  2. You over drank one night
  3. You over ate or “binged” one day on unhealthy foods.
  4. You binge watched a whole season of your favorite TV show on Netflix
  5. You we’re driving and heard something on the radio that got you angry and worried.
  6. You we’re watching the news and the story mentioned something and you got angry.

What these triggers could lead to…

  1. You become tired, less enthusiastic and just don’t have any energy to work on your goals.
  2. You come in late to work for a week straight and are walking on a thin line for the next few months with your boss.
  3. You get in another fight that leads to resentment and hate towards that person and everyone involved
  4. You join a ‘Gossip Facebook group’ and instead of chasing your dreams you decide it’s more important to gossip about that news story you heard a couple days ago.
  5. You get sick, have to go to the Doctor, and end up out of work for a few weeks.

How to Eliminate the ‘Trigger’ or distraction

  1. Delete the Netflix account limit to only Weekends, or limit to an episode a night.
  2. Set boundaries- check out this article by Z. Hereford to help you set some boundaries in your life
  3. Reconcile with the other person/s you got in a fight with. 
  4. Avoid the people that cause you to be angry or find new friends.
  5. Don’t listen to the news on the radio, switch to a podcast that will educate you or inspire you. Places like Spotify and Itunes are great places to go to to find and follow a podcast you’re interested in.
  6. Don’t go to a bar every night, limit yourself to a drink or two, or avoid drinking with certain people or crowds
  7. If it’s food, remove the ‘binging’ foods from the house and ask the people living with you to support you or find an accountability partner.

What’s your Why?

Yvonne Kariba describes the importance of having a powerful ‘Why’ her post In her third point she points out that not having a strong enough why is a big reason we fail to achieve our goals.

So, when we hit a point where we are not making progress towards our goal, ask yourself… “What’s my ‘Why’ and is it strong enough? In other wards, why do I want to achieve this goal/s?

Lot’s of times our Why will help us ‘say no’ to these triggers in our lives that are causing us to ‘fall off and not work towards our goals.

It’s important to remember on this road of achieving our goals, that it’s inevitable that we will slip up and fail, but it’s our job to keep moving forward until we reach our goals. 


“It is in our moments of decision that our destiny is shaped.” -Anonymous

By- Tom Kubrak

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