The Evening Experience- 9 Strategies To Help You Get To Bed and Wake Up Recharged and Ready To Take On The Day


By- Tom Kubrak

Do you ever find yourself struggling to get to bed? What about that late night “binge” session? Are you waking up feeling drained and tired? Are you waiting for the day when you actually get to bed at a decent time? 

Is that you?

Well here’s a solution that might work for you…

Create an experience that you’re looking forward to at the end of each day to wind down your day and get you waking up feeling recharged and full of energy

First ask yourself this though… Why do you go out of your way to go to an event, concert, party, restaurant, or celebration of some sorts?

Some reasons might be…

  1. Family and Friends are going to be there
  2. Fun Games
  3. Awesome music
  4. Delicious Food
  5. The atmosphere
  6. All the above

You might tell yourself, “It’s going to be amazing! There’s going to be so many people at this event, awesome food, free stuff, and I’ll be able to make a lot of connections too.”

Essentially, you’re looking forward to the experience you’re going to have when you go and nothing is going to stop you from going.

Well, one reason we may struggle getting to bed is because the process of simply ‘going to bed’ is just boring. Nothing really is exciting about ‘Going to bed.’ 

Of course when you’re finally in bed and sleeping that’s a different story… you never want to get up again after that happens.

Is it fun to be at a boring party that you never even wanted to go to in the first place? You don’t care if you’re late to that party either. It’s not important. You’re dreading going and you’re going to try and find every excuse not to go.

You might even go as far as calling the person up and acting like you’re sick on the phone (please email me if you’ve done that).

The solution, create an “Evening Experience” that you can enjoy and won’t find any excuse not to be a part of.

Here are some strategies to do that…

  1. Put on some music that will help you wind down(Check out Spotify’s Focus Category and pick one that fits your music taste
  2. Light some candles (Check out this article and some of the benefits this couple found in using candlelight
  3. Burn some incense(According to this post creating inviting smells in your room helps you get to sleep sooner
  4. Turn off your screens and electronics at least an hour before you go to bed
  5. Read a book- The type of book doesn’t necessarily matter, I personally like to read Fantasy right before going to bed to get me dreaming and thinking about what’s possible instead of reading a business book or something that will get me thinking about work(Check out this great article on some great reasons why reading before you sleep is a great thing to do
  6. Cup of herbal tea
  7. Journal or review the day(Hand write)
  8. Glass of wine or whisky(in moderation). 
  9. Non-alcoholic Night Time cocktail- (Ingredients- 1 cup hot water, 2 tbsp organic apple cider vinegar, 1 tbsp organic honey) (Check out this Article Featuring Tim Ferris- NYT Best Selling Author

Take note that you should create a period of wind down time. I suggest 1-2 hours that you can enjoy some or all of these strategies.

A couple add ons is that having this evening routine might help you stop your late night binging and read some great material that you’ve always wanted to read.

Take care of your evening and the day will take care of itself.

Just imagine…


“What a nice night for an evening.” – Anonymous

By- Tom Kubrak

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