Catch The Draft- 3 Strategies To Help You Find The Energy You Need To Stop Procrastinating and Get Your Work Done

By- Tom Kubrak

Take a look at this short video to see what’s possible in life…

You’re capable of so much. For some reason though you keep telling yourself, “I can’t do it, I just… I just can’t do it. I’m too tired. All I want to do is play video games, watch my favorite show on netflix, and eat all day, and hang out with my friends, girlfriend or boyfriend, etc. etc. etc. etc”

But you have a big project, you have a full agenda, you have a lot of things you want to do in your life. Every time you start though, you always quit. For one reason or the other, you just can’t seem to find the energy to do what needs to be done.

Why is that? Why can’t you find the energy?

Ask yourself a few questions…

  1. Am I in a comfort zone?
  2. What do I do and where do I go when I give myself excuses?
  3. What could I give up doing right now that could make a big difference on my life?
  4. Is the environment I’m in right now the best thing for me?

Answer these questions truthfully. They may open up some doors in your life.

According to Google, energy is described as the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.

Sometimes we just can’t find that strength that is necessary to do what you want to do in your life.

A strategy to find that energy is…. by “taking” the energy from someone or something else. This is… “Catching The Draft.” 

Take a look back at the video with the bicyclist. He was traveling at that rate of speed for many reasons but one of those is because he was drafting behind the truck(video about drafting- He didn’t have to use all of his energy to go at that speed because the truck was blocking the wind and producing more energy behind him for the bicyclist to travel at that rate of speed.

You can do the same thing in your life, in a different way of course, when you want to get work done but keep procrastinating and not doing it.

You can Catch The Draft when you want to get work done by… 

  1. Changing your environment(Cafe, Library, Restaurant or Bar)
  2. Getting around someone who is working harder than you or someone with more energy than you have.
  3. Asking someone if they have work to do and then asking if they want to work together somewhere.

If you don’t Catch The Draft from someone else you might not get your work done as quick as you need to or even at all.

A big downfall for artists, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, is the home environment. The home environment can be very distracting to get inspired and get your work done. Sometimes it’s tough to get inspiration when you’re constantly being faced with challenges or distractions at home.

Next time you find yourself lacking the energy, drive or motivation to get your desired tasks done, try going to a cafe, your local library, a restaurant or bar and taking the energy from that place to get to work.

If you see someone at the library or cafe who looks like their working hard, first off, tell them that(they’ll like that and you might make a connection in the mean time) and then ask if they wouldn’t mind if you sat at the same table as them. You also can just sit at a table next to someone or just the same room of someone or some group of people that are working hard. Working in the same area as them will help you out in getting that energy too.

If it’s not working… then fix it by trying something different. Keep or get the mindset that change is good.

“You just get the vibes of your surroundings and it rubs off on you.” -Anonymous

By- Tom Kubrak

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