Flex and Go- 10-15 Minute Strategies During Your Busy Day That Will Help You Recharge Before Jumping Into Your Next Task.

By Tom Kubrak 

Have you ever just been so busy with your day that you couldn’t even spare the time to go to the bathroom or get something to eat? Better yet… have you missed an opportunity somewhere because you were too “busy.” This strategy isn’t about flexing your muscles or your body either… it’s about flexing your time.

Have you ever heard someone say, “Give me 10 minutes to get settled in” when they get into work? Well why don’t we do that before all the things that we do.

Have you ever found yourself not sustaining the same energy you had in the morning after you had your Mocha-Frappuccino-Latte-Macchiato(Or whatever you get at your favorite cafe)? There’s many reasons for that but one of those could be that your not giving yourself some time when transitioning to the next item on the agenda.

For example…after an hour and a half you just get done typing up a report, afterwards, take a 10-15 minute “break” before jumping right into the next task.

The reason you want to do this is because when you jump right into a new task your mind is still on the thing you just did or you’re just tired. You need some time to recharge and get your mind off that task so you are 100% into whatever you’re doing next.

Some common excuses why you wouldn’t want to do that…

  1. I’m too busy to spare 10 minutes.

… or maybe just one excuse. I get it, you’re busy, but here’s some other reasons why you want to spare at least 10 minutes to regroup yourself…

  1. Sustain your energy throughout the day
  2. Not hitting that afternoon/evening “wall.”
  3. Producing results consistently and efficiently
  4. Keep your mind sharp and open.

Some 10-15 minute “Flexing Exercises”

  1. Read a book/article.
  2. Do a short task that’s unrelated to the one you’re getting into.
  3. Stand up and walk around(preferably outside of the space you were currently).
  4. *Eat something healthy.
  5. Answer some texts.
  6. Talk with a colleague or friend.
  7. Make/get a cup of coffee or drink some water.
  8. Play a game on your phone.
  9. … or tea(I didn’t forget about you tea drinkers).
  10. Stand up and stretch.
  11. Take a 10-15 minute power nap(set a timer).

*Some fruits, nuts, Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich, granola bar, or a vegetable mix.

Here are some 10-15 minute “Combo Flexing” exercises

  1. Read a book/article + a cup of coffee
  2. Healthy snack + a glass of water + a youtube video.
  3. Jumping Jacks + Push Ups + Planks
  4. Cup of coffee or tea + a 5-10 minutes youtube video.
  5. 5 minutes on Social Media + a check through your phone calls and emails

Don’t let the day consume you. Get your energy back by “Flexing and Going.” You owe it to yourself and the people you’re around and need you the most.


“If you can’t be flexible with life, You become irritable with life.” -Anonymous

By- Tom Kubrak

IG & Twitter @TomKubrak

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