Recruit and Call A Friend Strategy- How Calling Someone For 10 minutes Can Help You Get Back On The Right Track.

By- Tom Kubrak

You just failed. Epicly. You’re not doing the best you can do right now. You’re not thinking straight. In fact… you’re leading yourself down a trap hole. It’s time to take action… Dial!

First… recognize it. You need help. No, it’s not a check. It’s not someone to gossip too about ‘Sally Joe Smith.’ It’s someone that’s going to hold you accountable for your goals and when you’re falling off they’re there for you.

Second… Recruit and find someone that’s willing to listen. Maybe you already have that person. If not find them and tell them clearly what you want from them and ask them if they are willing to be that person for you. Tell them you are willing to be the same person for them too if they want.

So many times we are feeling like we can’t do much and so many times we feel that there’s no way out. What if there was a way out? What if all you had to do was talk to someone for 15 or 20 minutes?

Third…pick up the phone and dial! Tell this person about your struggles, your failures, the things you want to do that you probably shouldn’t, The Future. Tell them about your dreams. The places you want to go.

Ask them what they think. It might just be one word that this person you choose says that helps you out.

This isn’t someone that’s going to take it easy on you either. Find someone that’s going to tell you how it is, be supportive of your endeavors and is ready to push you to be the best. Nothing’s worse than having someone lie to you just to make you feel better. This person is also someone that’s going to bring you up when you’re at your worst and talk some sense into you when your falling into bad temptations.

There are many options but if you think you can do it on your own, well, can chickens fly?

It’s not about asking people for money or begging them for things either. It’s about talking to someone, opening up to them, and getting back on track.

Sometimes it’s good to get out of your head and let someone else give you some much needed advice. Maybe that person will remind you of why you’re doing the thing you set out to do originally and maybe they’ll help you discover something new that you didn’t even think of before.

At the same time… from you reaching out to that person you might help them out too.

A win/win situation.

Keep moving forward.

Make the damn call.

“A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after a success?” -Anonymous

By- Tom Kubrak

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