The 5 minute Daily Challenge- The Benefits Of Talking To Someone You Don’t Know At Least Once A Day.

By- Tom Kubrak

Are you busy? Are you so busy you sometimes forget your phone in the house and then realize it when your halfway to work? Are we that busy though that we can’t spare 5 minutes to talk to somebody?

We are busy people. That’s the truth. But sometimes we just need to slow down a little bit. We need to do this to keep going forward in our lives and be the person we want to be towards others.

Have you ever been encountered by a stranger in line or at some event, but you turned them away after they asked you a question like, “How are you doing today?” And then you responded with “Good” and then ran off without giving the person a chance. First off, give everyone a chance. Secondly, because you just weren’t in the mood, or you were just ‘sooo’ busy with whatever you were doing you didn’t even take notice to the fact that you just passed up on a great opportunity to meet someone, possibly make a connection, improve your life, or help somebody out who was in need.

I recently encountered this while being deep into some work at a local cafe. I had a full agenda for the day and pretty much had things planned out to the minute for the next 2 hours. While changing tables, I was stopped by the gentleman sitting next to me who said with a polite grin on his face, “Trying to get to your own little spot aren’t you?” Noticing that he meant well I engaged the conversation and said, “Yeah, lots of work to do and I have a meeting in a little bit so just trying to get to a more secluded spot to not disturb anyone too much.”

After that we talked for a couple more minutes and he asked me what I did and I asked him what he did. We found some common ground in that we both were speakers of some sort. At the end of it he was very interested in hearing more about my story and gave me his card. 

Who knows what’s going to come of it, but it’s a possibility. Possibilities if acted upon lead to opportunities and opportunities lead to experiences. Experiences shape you into the person you are. This possibility would never have happened though if I just gave that guy ‘the finger’ and said, “Sorry I’m busy.”

I encourage you all to not shut people off who are trying to talk to you but I also  encourage you to talk to someone/a stranger. Stay open minded to the possibilities that can come of it and fight through those first few awkward seconds in the conversation.

So… Take 5 today!

“The only limits to the possibilities in your life tomorrow are the buts that you use today.” -Anonymous

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