Patience Muscles- No Matter If It’s Good Or Bad, Embrace What’s Going On In Your Life

By- Tom Kubrak

It’s not easy. Life doesn’t always go as planned. Stick with it though. Things will get better over time.

In many areas on the east coast today it’s snowing. Some us woke up and said, “Ughhhh I hate snow. I’m not doing anything today.” On the other hand, some of us woke up and said, “YAY snow (that’s me)!” Snow isn’t always the best, don’t get me wrong, but why are you going to let snow ruin your outlook on the day. Yes, you might have a trip to the grocery store or mall that you’re dreading but why don’t you take this as an opportunity to exercise those patience muscles. Rome wasn’t built in a day right? So… take the drive a little slower today, remember to get all those winter clothes on or you’ll be freezing. It’s just a little roadblock to get to your destination. Don’t worry about it though, you’ll get there… eventually. Do your best not to get angry and take your frustrations out on the wheel of your car. Even worse, the car in front of you or when you get back to the house don’t take the “not so pleasant” trip out on your family and friends.

On the other hand, what about if it’s not snowing and you hit a traffic jam or a construction project on the road while you’re driving to an important meeting? You’re now inevitably going to be late to it. You’re upset you forgot to check the weather the night before. It’s time to exercise those ‘patience muscles!’ Quickly force a smile and tell yourself, “This isn’t the worst thing that could happen. Today is still going to be great.” Don’t let that be the thing that ruins your day. Keep the right attitude and finish the day strong. Yes, you screwed up. YOU WERE LATE. Accept it and learn from the experience.

Make sure to apologize for being late and don’t use “The Traffic” excuse. Even if you had no idea that construction site was there. Say something like, “I’m sorry for being late today. I should’ve known better and left earlier. I’ll do my best that this doesn’t happen again.”

So… your life isn’t going as you want it too… What are you going to do about it? What thing are you going to do everyday that is going to push you towards the future you want? Are you going to pick up a reading habit for 5 minutes everyday? Are you going to read a blog about your chosen career for 20 minutes? Do you want to lose some weight? Well, why not workout for 20 minutes a day for the first few months to start? That will help you gain some momentum and get your body and mind attuned for longer workouts and longer reading sessions. 20 minutes may not change your body as quickly as you would like, but it’s better than before when you were doing nothing right? Each workout you do, each day you read, and each day you study you’re getting stronger. Not necessarily physically but you’re getting mentally stronger too.

Make a decision right now. Are you going to take the short way out or are you going to exercise those ‘patience muscles’ and commit yourself to a couple things you can do everyday that will help start the process that will lead you to accomplishing your dreams and goals?

So write it down. Find an accountability partner and get started. Be ready to start telling people in 6-12 months how big your patience muscles have gotten!


“The two most powerful muscles are patience and time.” -Anonymous

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