The I Will Statement Strategy- Why Saying and Writing “I will…” Can Help You Get Past Those Nagging Habits That Are Holding You Back


By- Tom Kubrak

Sometimes you need a cane to help you out in life but sometimes all you need is a new strategy!

“I will…”

What is your “I will?” Why is it important to say I will instead of “I’ll try…” or “I think…”

You must ask yourself if you’re trying to achieve something in your life, whether that’s, getting a new job, losing weight, shopping problem, income goals, state championship in a sport, learning a new skill…, etc, what do you need to do to accomplish these things?

Well, I’m not writing this post to give you a whole training regimen in each of these areas. I’m writing this to give you a strategy that might help you hit your next goal.

The “I Will Strategy” works something like this… if you’re trying to accomplish, for example, a goal of losing 20 pounds… Step 1- Write down, “I will not eat any sweets or any extra snacks today.” Step 2- Say out loud what you just wrote down. Step 3- Do steps one and two 5-10 times daily, or as many times as you feel is necessary. Step 4- repeat steps one- three until you have achieved your desired result of what you are trying to accomplish.

The core of why this strategy works is based on the idea of repetition. According to many studies, including this one, it takes about seven times to learn and retain information for the long term.

I’m not saying you’re going to do this seven times and be done, but what I am saying is that you can’t just do this strategy one day and expect “amazing” results. You have to put in some consistent work. This is the type of work that takes 5 minutes too. Like I said in a previous article though, I wrote about how I got rid of my nail biting habit, Sometimes it will take, days, sometimes it will take a few months to get rid of a bad habit or achieve a goal of some type. If you’re trying to hit a goal you can’t expect to see drastic changes overnight. Patience is the key during this strategy. 

Trust the process and do it consistently until you have achieved your desired result and you will be extremely thankful for the sacrifice you made.

“Hold the vision. Trust the Process.” -Anonymous

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