Lessons From “A Christmas Story”- Consequences For Our Bad Actions

By- Tom Kubrak

Some movies bring out the best in us and some movies we can learn a great deal from. “A Christmas Story” I believe fits both of those categories. There are some lessons in that movie that still apply today and can benefit us a great deal. If you haven’t see the movie you still should understand this post though. 

Do you remember the scene where Ralphie says a swear word in front of a friends parent and the mother of that friend then calls Ralphie’s Mom telling him what word he said. Well, what was the consequence for this unforgivable crime?

Answer= soap in the mouth.

For anyone, this wouldn’t be a very fun experience. Point is, Ralphie wasn’t supposed to curse, but he did. Because of his actions and in hope that he won’t do it again, his mother acted quickly and right when he got home she punished him in the way she thought fit.

Do you think Ralphie learned his lesson? I mean, I wouldn’t want to get soap in my mouth. Whatever I did to deserve it too, I would make sure I didn’t do it ever again.

How this applies to you…

We need to start treating ourselves like kids and being our own parents. As crazy as that sounds when we no longer have parents or someone watching over our every move we tend to pick up bad habits.

When we do something we’re not supposed to do or we start developing a habit that is becoming destructive to reaching our goals, we need to extinguish the bad habit. And we need to do it quickly.

How do you stop this bad habit from planting a firm system into our life?

Answer= Put a punishment when you do this thing you’re no longer trying to do.

For example… If you have a goal of studying for an hour each night for five days a week and you miss a day. As a result you have to do 50 pushups and 50 jumping jacks the very next day. If you have trouble reading try putting a ‘reading punishment’ in place. The punishments you put actually can benefit you! Maybe you hate dusting. Dust a room each time you commit the action your trying to stop. There’s a lot of punishments you can choose from that can also be beneficial and might even help you start to develop a better habit.

Personally, I used to have a bad nail biting habit. When I finally realized it was becoming really bad I implemented a punishment. Each time I bit my nails I made a little note somewhere and as a result, each time I bit my nails I had to write down 10 times, “I will not bite my nails.”

This was beneficial to me because my handwriting used to be “unreadable” according to some. So, not only did I get rid of the bad habit, but I improved my handwriting in the process.

Because this was a deeply ingrained habit it took me about two to three months to get rid of this bad habit completely.

Patience is key in any result you want to achieve. Trust the process.

If you catch your bad habits quickly the time it will take to get rid of it will be quicker. But the longer you let the bad habit sit and settle in your mind the harder it will be to get rid of… if you ever do decide to take it on. That’s up to you though.

Be honest with yourself, what bad habits do you have? Don’t workout enough, too much television, Netflix too often, scrolling the newsfeed aimlessly, excessive drinking, excessive eating, everyday Cinnabon, etc. What is it though? And at what lengths are you willing to go to to get rid of it?


“A change in bad habits leads to a change in life.” -Anonymous

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