The Story Of K.ROK clothing- What It Means To Wear A K.ROK Design

by Tommy Kubrak

Asset 24

In the founder’s words– After stumbling across some old photos of my family in the basement of my Aunt and Uncle’s home in New Jersey, I found a picture of my grandfather before leaving for the Navy during World War II and leaving his football scholarship to Miami behind. Never relenting from my curious nature as a child, I was fascinated and inspired by my grandfather’s  courage and accomplishments. When I noticed the last name I said to myself, “Dang, I didn’t know that was our original last name… That’s awesome!” (Our last name is Kubrak and the one in the photo to the left is Kubrock).

Later, I began to ask questions about whether or not this was my family’s original last name. After talking with another one of my Uncles he told me that it was a misprint. The newspaper made a mistake! I was a little disappointed, to say the least, because I wanted to honor my past and the people that came before me somehow and I thought, “I should change my last name back to the original.” Plus I thought the name was pretty cool. Finding out it was a mistake, of course that didn’t happen.

That didn’t stop me though. I still wanted to honor my history somehow. Then I got the idea for a clothing company. Having always been into design and creating new things, I thought this was a great way to make an impact on people and the community. I decided to shorten the name and make it K.ROK though.

Unfortunately, people everywhere have made worse mistakes than I almost did before doing a little fact checking. Most of the mistakes people make can be prevented if they had someone there for them or a mentor guiding them through it.

I want people to acknowledge what happened in their past, understand it, say their thank you’s, say their apologies, say their good bye’s and then move on to a new and better future for themselves. People’s pasts, I believe, are dragging them down and through the creation of this clothing line, I want people to always remember that they can clear up the past and create a new beginning wherever they may be standing.

Every time people put on a K.ROK design I want it to be a reminder that today is a new day and they can live it however they want too. No matter what you did in your past, today can be different if you make the choice. Everyday is a new day full of so many possibilities and opportunities.

While creating and launching the clothing company it became extremely important for me to spread my mission for the company. That being, “To inspire people and communities to embrace their pasts and move on toward a better future by creating bold and powerful designs.”

10% of All Purchases

With every purchase, 10% goes into the “Earn It Campaign” and other organizations designed to help the Homeless and Struggling. Including the Interfaith Hospitality Network.

“Earn It Campaign”

Was created to solve and eliminate the homeless problem by acclimating the homeless and struggling people in the community back into the work environment by allowing them to get paid in a currency that they can use to buy essential goods not drugs or alcohol. Business’ and homeowners who are a part of the “Earn It Campaign” can offer work for the homeless and struggling community. The homeless and struggling are then paid “Ernies” for their help and food or anything else they have to offer(not cash). If they work hard and save up enough “Ernie’s” they can buy things at “Earned It Events,” and business’ who accept “Ernies” as a payment. Eventually we want to partner with properties who accept these people’s hard earned “Ernies” to allow them to take the next step in moving into an apartment and move towards being independent, getting a job, and putting their life back on track.

Mission Statement

“To inspire people and communities to embrace their past and move on toward a better future by creating bold and powerful designs.”

Asset 24

For inquiries email-

Instagram and Twitter @K_ROKclothing


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