Caffeine- When is The Right Time To Drink Your Caffeine During The Day and Other Strategies To Get Your Energy if You Can’t Get Any Caffeine

by Tommy Kubrak


Let’s all admit it… most of us love caffeine. There are the select few that have never had it and never will, but this article isn’t for them. The challenge most of us coffee/tea drinkers face is… “Why don’t I get the same energy I had when I first started drinking caffeine?” In this post I’ll share to you about what I found works for me with drinking caffeine and using other ways to attain energy during the day.

A few months ago I initiated a 30 day challenge of drinking no caffeine for a month. My coffee drinking was getting rather excessive to say the least and I think I was on a 3 year streak of drinking between one and three cups of coffee a day.

I simply wasn’t getting the same effect I used to get when I first started drinking caffeine and in fact I was experiencing the opposite a lot of times. I sometimes got so tired, I took a nap at my desk while drinking the coffee! I know… that’s absurd. Comment to this post if you’ve done that too. Or tweet me

It was time to make a change.

So… I implemented a one month challenge of drinking no Caffeine. I did have decaf coffee about 5 times and had about 20 cups of decaf tea. I didn’t relapse on the caffeine during the challenge but I learned a few other ways to get my energy that I think everyone can use and benefit from. Also, I learned what the best time to drink your caffeine is.

Here are 6 ways I found to get your energy including the best time to drink your coffee. Hint… it’s tip #6 if you want to skip ahead to that and miss the other good stuff.

    1. Proper sleep routine– Go to sleep at the right time and wake up. The routine that works for me is 6 hours of sleep. Remember, sleep cycles go every hour and a half. If you wake up and get your day started in the middle of one of these sleep cycles, from experience and knowing this, your morning won’t be the greatest and that will trail on through the day.
    2. Power naps– Many of you have heard of this but don’t fully understand it. Power naps should not last more than 30 minutes. During my 1 month of no caffeine, I allowed myself two 15 minute power naps, if needed. Usually I did one but I let myself have another if I felt it necessary. Set a timer and set it far away from where you set up for the power nap so you don’t hit snooze.
    3. Plenty of water– During this challenge I really learned the importance of water. Not only did I feel more energized but breakouts didn’t happen anymore and the quality of my skin improved. I started drinking 32 ounces of water in the morning before I started work and then another 32 the rest of the morning and into the early afternoon. In the evening I usually had a small glass of water.
    4. Working out or going on a walk– I had been working out before so this wasn’t a big deal for me to develop but in the morning when waking up try going on a walk or doing some pushups to get the blood flowing. DO NOT sit down! Keep moving, if you sit down on your bed or a chair to read, I’m sure you have all started to drift off again. This is a common case after people get off of work. Ask yourself… ”What’s my 9a-5 schedule and what’s my 5-9p schedule?”
    5. Proper Nutrition and eating schedule– Everyone’s body is different but there are essential nutrients you need for your body and non-essential nutrients you don’t need for your body for you to thrive throughout the day. Here’s a great article I recommend looking at Your eating schedule is just as important. Be diligent with when your meals and snacks are scheduled. Consistency is key and this will also help with time management and being more productive throughout your day.
    6. When is the best time to drink your caffeine?- If nap pods aren’t an option at your job or you don’t think you can do the power naps in your office because your boss might look at you weird or even fire you… try drinking your caffeine in the afternoon! I find my energy is balanced when I do this and it gets me through the rest of the day. I get the same effect and I don’t have caffeine in the morning or the evening anymore. My energy is sustained until I go to bed.



There you go you caffeine addicts! If you just read that and you were like, “Dude, I need my coffee in the morning or I’ll die.” Well… that may be the case right now but I encourage you to at least try it. Try implementing the 30 day challenge or start with just a week. It may not be fun the first few days but the payoff is well worth it. Plus, you’ll be saving money on coffee and too!


“If you don’t challenge yourself you will never know what you can become.” -anonymous

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