Decision Making- How One Decision Can Create an Opportunity For You and Somebody Else

By- Tom Kubrak

“Why did I just do that?” Sometimes you ask this after you just made a bad decision. I asked myself this after I just made a good decision.

Whether we like it or not, our lives are decided by our decisions. The decisions we make today will create our tomorrows. You have a choice… but which one will you make?

After writing and posting the story about John Busse’s journey, I want to tell you how that story almost didn’t happen. If you haven’t read the story about John, it’s right below this one. You can understand the message of this post without reading his story, although I do hope you read it.

It was a Saturday almost 2 months ago, on a hot, humid July afternoon. Just a normal day in July where your shirt is sticking to your back and a day where you wish you wore sandals because your socks are getting soaked in your sweat.

I had just gotten done with a meeting with a good friend of mine where we also played a game of chess.  After the meeting, we shook hands, exchanged some parting words and he was off. I grabbed my stuff and started to walk towards my bike to then head back to my place. Halfway there though… I stopped. I froze in the middle of the sun soaked sidewalk because I realized I had no plan and usually when I go back home, at this early in the afternoon on a weekend, without a plan too, it leads to me grabbing some cookie dough ice cream, a couple movies and then I’m out for the rest of the night.

At that moment, I made a decision, and didn’t go back to my place and walked back into the cafe. I can’t tell you exactly why I walked in but among some reasons were probably remembering what the manager at the place told me about a band she loved who was coming in  to play. Also, just just following my instincts and refusing to waste the rest of the day. I was pretty tired from the day still, but I stayed the majority of the show, talked to the manager and met the bass player.

While having a wonderful conversation and listening to the band play I suddenly got an idea. I told the Manager, “I think I want to write a story about this band.”

She knew the band well and told me to follow them on Facebook. She sent me the link the next day and shortly after receiving it, I called the number on the page and it got right to John, who is the lead singer of the band Busse & The Vibes.

I guess the rest is history. I had the privilege and honor of writing a story about an up and coming musician out of Somerville, New Jersey, who is dedicated to his craft and who I can now call a good friend.

What I learned from this was simple… follow your instincts. If you can see that what you are about to do is going to lead to nothing but a hangover, then stop and think… “Is it worth it?”


“I am not a product of my circumstances I am a product of my decisions.” -Anonymous

By: Tom Kubrak

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