The Importance of Accepting Failure and Why if We don’t, it Can Lead to Worse Things

Think of your day like a basketball game, there’s only so much time in the day and like a basketball game when hear that buzzer signaling that the game is over, one way or the other, you have to accept the result. Win or lose, you must learn from the game and move on.

Too many of us can’t accept the result of the day, if we don’t complete our tasks or miss a deadline. On top of that, we end up doing ourselves an even bigger disservice when we stay up into the “wee hours” of the night trying to complete those tasks we failed to complete during the day or cover up those mistakes we made that we’re afraid to admit to.

There isn’t 30 hours in a day! When we’re under immense pressure we sometimes forget that.

Accept your failure and move on. If you stay up past your usual sleep routine, that will trail on through the next day and through the rest of the week. Sometimes it’s okay to stay up late and get some things done, I’m guilty of that one too, but it’s one thing to stay up late because we’re in a “work groove or creative zone” but it’s another to stay up for the things I mentioned above.

Another reason, you have to accept your failure is because if you don’t, you’ll never be able to learn from it. One of the worst things you can do in your personal and professional life, is to not learn from your mistake and repeat it later on.

Last week, I had a big breakthrough in my life. It was at the end of the week. I ended up, after lunch, deciding to grab a few extra snacks and put on a documentary. “Just for a few minutes.” I told myself.

Bad move.

That decision ended up turning into a 4 hour nap! If any of you can understand how ridiculous that is… a 4 hour nap, in the middle of the afternoon, you can understand what that did to my tasks during the day. I had a lot to do too, my agenda was full. In the morning I planned out my tasks and was ready to go. I had a very productive morning, but that decision in the afternoon really was a detriment to completing those tasks and finishing on a high note.

What I used to do when I made a mistake like that, was say, “Damn it, I’m going to have to stay up until 2 in the morning to do everything I said I would and meet the deadline I may have with this project.”

That day though, after that happened, I made a decision. I wasn’t going to complete those tasks. That was unrealistic. I needed to keep the momentum I had going before I took a “mega-super power nap.”

So, I did my laundry, finished my readings, had dinner, did my evening routine, and went to bed. I didn’t touch those other commitments that I failed to do during the day. But I finished the night off on a great note. Yes, I was upset, about not completing those things and had second thoughts about going to bed at a good time, but it runs out that I had an amazing day the next day and was consistent throughout the whole day in completing my commitments.

I learned from that mistake I made, and made a new commitment to not dig into some more snacks after I already had lunch.

At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember, is to hold yourself accountable to those failures that no one will notice but you. No one’s going to know if you watched a whole season of Game of Thrones on the weekend but you(That’s super ambitious, so if any of you do do that please let me know). Point is, acknowledge what you did and see what you could have done differently. Maybe, you could have just watched 1 or 2 episodes and then worked on your personal projects for 1 or 2 hours.

Each situation is different, but you either failed or you won. When the clock strikes zero, ask yourself, “Am I satisfied with my performance?”


“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” -Michael Jordan

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