The day started off relatively normal. It got a little interesting later on when the clouds started to roll in and the hot July sun took a rest for the day. I was oblivious what was going to happen later on in the evening

The night was cool and the air was damp. The clouds were brewing up above. A storm was coming and it was coming quick.

It was Saturday and I had a meeting with a good friend of mine. He’s a master at chess and usually we play a game or two when we meet up. Just like every other time I’ve played him though… it ended in defeat. This day he made quick work of me too. I didn’t even get any of his pieces, before he said, just realizing how quick the game went, “Checkmate?”

After the quick game we enjoyed some tea as we dug into some of our more recent life stories. It’s always a pleasure getting beat by a master of chess, enjoying a conversation, and nice caffeinated beverage.

As we started to close out our meeting the rain woke up and sprinkled down on the city streets. We packed our things thanked the Cafe for their excellent service, and stepped outside as the rain came down harder. We parted ways and made sure to schedule again soon.

Saturdays are usually my day to catch up with people, do some reading, hangout, and learn some new things. I usually have a plan too, but after I left my meeting with Andy I was a little lost.

I stopped in the middle of the street and said to myself, “What do I do next?”

Being mentally blocked and not knowing what to do next I decided to walk right back into the cafe I just was at. With a flabbergasted look from the ladies up front, I said, “Hello again.”

I sat down for a few hours, enjoyed a band that came in, had a wonderful conversation with the manager there, had a few ideas spark up, and talked with a member of the band for a few minutes during their break.

I hit the point around 9:30 when I realized I should probably head back.

I left the cafe and headed back out into the stormy streets. I then decided to stop at another cafe as I was still in the “freelancer” mindset.

Side note: At this point I was in such a free state of mind, if a bus pulled up to town driving a bus across the country to California, I probably would’ve got on and said, “Whatever, lets do it.”

I could’ve got myself in a lot more trouble then what happened a few minutes later.

When I left the cafe I grabbed a garbage bag to cover my bag with my laptop in it.

Side Note: I’ve done this before so they weren’t “weirded” out by me asking them for a garbage bag

I ventured off into the rain and briskly walked over to my bike. Before getting on my bike I realized that I only had one free hand as I was holding my bag with my laptop, books, and notebooks in the other hand.

I had a clear thought to myself that I probably shouldn’t ride my bike with one hand and that I should find a way to free up that other one.

Not listening to my instincts I decided to try for it anyway.

Bad move.

I was about a minute into my ride, going at a slow pace and just enthralled that I was keeping my things dry. That was when I hit a small pothole, wasn’t able to balance the handle bars out and started my fall to the ground at a pretty quick pace. When I tried to brace my foot to the ground, my foot slipped and then, with enough speed, fell to the ground trying to brace my fall with my hand…


“I might have broke something.” I told myself. I layed there for a few seconds knowing that I messed up big time. I didn’t want to look at my hand but I knew I had to sooner or later. I was hopeful that nothing was wrong but because I had lost all feeling in my hand, as the adrenaline pumped through my veins, I wasn’t quite sure.

When I finally looked, it was a grim sight. My left index finger was twisted and contorted in the most grotesque way.

It was broken for sure.

I looked away and continued to lay there in the middle of the road, in shock, and not yet fully processing what just happened and denying what the consequences were going to be for this.

I then heard a voice behind me. The person was saying, “Hey man, are you alright?” I didn’t respond. He then repeated the question, but then cut himself off when he saw my distorted finger saying, “…Nope, you’re not okay. That’s messed up man.” Still, I didn’t respond. Realizing I was still in the middle of the road he said, “Let’s get you out of the middle of the road at least.”

The Police arrived next as I was getting increasingly more unresponsive and disoriented. Still in shock, the first thing the officer asked me was, “Have you been drinking tonight?” Still no response. I finally realized that I was in a small pool of blood, I quickly reacted and went into survival mode as I didn’t know the extent of my injuries. I took off my shirt to make a tourniquet and wrap it around my hand. I then popped up to try and start walking to the hospital and that’s when I almost passed out.

I refused the ambulance ride and started the walk to the hospital only a few blocks away.

En-route to the hospital I was cut off, as a familiar couple pulled out in front of me. They were some good friends and the parents of a boy I coached a few months ago in basketball. They insisted multiple times that I get in the car. I reluctantly agreed and jumped in as they took my bloody, wet, and broken self off to the hospital in their, what felt like, a brand new sports car.

Next step… get this damn finger fixed up. The hospital staff took me almost immediately to a small room in the back. I sat there for about an hour before anyone came back in. By that time, the adrenaline had worn off and the pain had kicked in. It pain came fast as I gritted my teeth and started moving around on the bed, a little edgy, and getting a little impatient too.

I had a lot of time with myself before the Doctor came in and a lot of negative thoughts came across my mind during this time. I was starting to get a little emotional as these negative thoughts tried to consume me and overtake me into a full emotional breakdown.

I stopped that real quick before it started.

I denied the “negative beast” inside me and began to think about the many positives that we’re coming up in the future. I focused, visualized and evaporated all trace of negativity from my thoughts.

I mean, lets be real, I use my hands for my work and I wouldn’t be able to use one for a month or more. It was a little concerning, but that’s why we have integrated apps on our phones right! I was just thankful the injuries weren’t any worse and extremely glad to be getting treated by an amazing hospital staff.

After having some x rays, shots, and 2 doctors come in “yank & pull” my finger back in place, I was good to go. The Doctor said I had about 4 weeks until it was healed as he put the splint on my finger.

The time was almost midnight- I headed out the door of the hospital and began the walk back to my place.

To close… I hadn’t been to the hospital in almost 4 years before this accident. Never in my wildest dreams did I see this one coming.

We have to expect the unexpected though. Hope for the best and expect the worst. Always be prepared.

Fortunately, I was able to snap myself out of my negative mindset quickly because of the books, videos, audios, and people I’ve listened to over the past few years. All of these things have helped to develop me and were a huge reason I was able to get back on track to continue moving forward.

I wasn’t going to let this unfortunate event slow me up. Not a chance in hell.

Let’s recognize in our lives what we’re doing that is not aligned with our goals and dragging us down. Lets strategically work to rid ourselves from the bad habits we have and then develop new ones that are aligning ourselves with our goals and dreams.

“Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one.” -Hans Selye

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