So Many Possibilities Out There in This World

Take negativity out of your mind. If you think negatively you will act negatively.

I got the batch of smoothies I had made the night before, packed up the rest of my gear and hit the town to meet some people in my community and give out some smoothies. I don’t know if it was the coffee I had earlier that afternoon or something else, but I was flying down the road, and nearly cramping up from how hard I was peddling.

Side Note: Before you exert yourself in a physical activity try to stretch or warm up your muscles for a few minutes. You’re risking injury if you don’t so, be careful my fellow risk takers.

If you haven’t read my post before this one I encourage you to do so. This post is the series of events that came afterwards.


The ‘Smoothie Ride’ was on its way and I decided to stop at the halfway house in town to see if I could talk with some of my friends. I met with one of the managers who was hanging outside of the place Mr. Sherman. A wonderful person, who’s wearing a different type of hat every time I see him. He always has me guessing before I ride up. I also met two new people. The first person was Devin. He was a very interesting guy who, when I pulled out the my cups to see how many I had left, he guessed it within seconds just by glancing at it. I was very impressed to say the least and he confirmed his unique talent when he said, “I’m probably the best guesser you’ll ever meet. He also was one of the first people to give me some advice after trying my smoothies. When I gave him some to try, he mentioned that I shouldn’t use so much water. For the longest time I thought I was using to little of an amount of water and I was ‘overpowering’ the flavor of the fruit with too much Juice. But what Devin told me was interesting. He told me that, “I can’t taste the flavor profiles of the juice and I want to taste them. I can tell you used a lot of water. Next time, maybe try using less.” I was very happy he told me this. His honesty might have brought better element to my smoothies that will benefit everyone who has one.


Thank you Devin.


Side note: Being honest is so important. Practice being honest to the ones who you associate with and care about. More importantly, practice being honest with yourself. Catch yourself when you lie and treat every lie with importance. Work on being honest in all situations.

The next person I met was Felicia. She was from Newark. When Felicia tried my smoothie she was a little taken back from the flavor profile. She said, “I’m not used to this healthy stuff.” We all laughed as she said, ”I’m into everything that’s fried.” Although she was a little more ‘soft spoken’ than Devin she had a gorgeous smile that would light up a whole room.


After I departed from The House. I decided to go to the train station through a different entry point, instead of my usual way on the other side of the station. I knew I would have to carry my bike up the staircase but I was up for the challenge.  When I looked up the steep staircase, about halfway up I saw, who I thought was someone I knew. As I embarked on the way up, my theory was confirmed. I ran into one of my favorite people… Keith!


If you remember from one of my first posts I first met Keith a little over a month ago at the bus stop. The attitude he portrayed that night was nothing compared to how I saw him today.


I hadn’t seen Keith in a few weeks, so I was ecstatic to see him. I immediately noticed how different he looked. He looked great. New clothes, hat, shoes, and most of all he had a different look on his face. All I saw was happiness. Before talking to him I sensed, with his enthusiastic vibe, that he had some exciting news.  A huge smile was beaming across his face the whole time we were talking. He told me that he found what he was going to do the rest of his career. If you remember I found out he wanted to write a book and that he had wrote most of his book a few years ago until he lost it all when he couldn’t pay for the storage shed it was in. He told me he hooked up with a company that allowed him to work on his own time as a copywriter. He said he already signed up for the training courses and was ready to go. Before leaving I gave him my new and improved smoothie with flax seeds and new juice. He gave it a “thumbs up,” and told me it was pretty good… I’ll take it.


I went off into town after that. Unknowingly, I ran into a public concert in the middle of town. There was a lot of people running around so I decided to park my bike and try to get through the crowd of people.


As I was walking around I ran into ‘Grandmaster Craig’ who is the famous chess player in town, who likes to hang out and beat people at chess.  I enjoyed watching one of his games, as I too have been defeated with his wrath. I learn so much playing the game of chess.

Looking around some more, I noticed something I love. I saw someone taking pictures with a tripod. I decided to talk to this stranger, behind the camera, hoping that he was about to take a break or something.. Thankfully I caught him at the right time.


Talking to Mike was a blast. He stood out like a sore thumb and was pretty easy to see with his big camera bag wide open and his tripod set up in the corner outside of one of the shop windows. I walked over and said, “I saw a camera and got excited.” He laughed and we engaged in an interesting conversation about how he had just started his own photography business. I could tell he had a passion for photography and found what he wanted to do for his career. I don’t think the guy stopped smiling until he went to sleep that night either. It looked like a permanent smile that would never go away… but I don’t know for sure.


The dude had such a positive vibe and when I was talking to him he just ‘reeked’ of enthusiasm and love for what he was doing. He also did some work for a school in the area too. That night, he wasn’t getting paid to take any of the pictures either. He was doing it for “sheer” enjoyment and love for his craft. He told me, “You have to capture everything.”


I don’t know about you guys, but conversations and people like that just get me ‘jacked up.’ I was glad I spotted him through the crowd of people at the event and decided to talk to him. We exchanged business cards, and who knows what will happen now. Maybe we’ll meet up someday down the road or maybe we won’t. Regardless, I got a lot out of meeting the guy and the whole day.

So many possibilities if you just get out there.


“The only limits to the possibilities in your life tomorrow are the buts you use today.” -Les Brown




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