Unexpected Events Happening During Your Planned out Day- What do you do When Something ‘Not Planned’ Comes Up?

The day was going great. Everything was going as I planned it. Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned though.

I had a great morning. I completed a few errands in the afternoon. I stopped at the bank and stopped at the post office to pick up some stamps. The lady who helped me out at the post office was awesome too.

Side Note: The lady at the post office who helped me out was delightful and gave me some flower stamps instead of the typical American flag kind. I was pleasantly surprised by the change of stamp but welcomed it all the same. 

After all the errands, I hopped on my bicycle and “wheeled” off to the mall. I know what you’re thinking too… “You mean, you spent the rest of the day shopping?” No… I don’t do that very often. I went to the mall to visit my good friends at the Apple store. They fixed up all the viruses I had on my computer. I was extremely thankful to Rose, who was extremely knowledgable and helpful during the whole process. She was, to say the least, an expert at her craft.  She was extremely polite, professional, and efficient in everything she did. Those are the type of people who get recommended, in my opinion, to higher positions in companies and get customers excited to come back into the store. Thus, generating more revenue for the company and giving them a great customer experience. I love working with people like Rose, who take pride in their work and that you can tell love their line of work.

Again, the day was going as I planned it, I was on a roll. My next step was to get a little reading/studying done. I stopped for a coffee at a local spot and proceeded to indulge myself in a few excellent books that I’m reading right now. I was about an hour and a half into my reading when I had someone sit a few tables down from me. I was sitting outside and it seemed like the sun just tore through the clouds and started to beat down mercilessly on us, right as he took his seat. We both had a little laugh, when we both recognized that, ‘We’re going to get a vicious sun burn if we don’t get up and move somewhere else.’

Fortunately, we both got up and moved to a different location away from the merciless sun. I moved to the other side of the table that I was sitting at, a little out of the way of the sun. The guy that sat next to me, who was also enjoying a book, took his table and just picked it up and moved it directly into the shade. He nearly put it in the middle of the sidewalk, just allowing people to walk by. Overall though, I was impressed by his gusto. We both continued on with our reading without any further conversation. It was about another hour of each of us reading, when he got up to leave. After he put the table back, with curiosity, I asked him, “What book are you reading man?”

The conversation ended up being over an hour. It was an amazing conversation. I think both of us got a lot out of the whole thing and thankfully I got the guys number to, hopefully, catch up another time.

Maybe another post I’ll talk about the extremely insightful and knowledgable conversation we both had, when I figure out how to put the conversation into a blog post and not an entire novel.

Side Note: I feel like it would take a novel to write about what we discussed. We went into some deep topics and discussed a lot. At the end of the day though, who knows, maybe I will write a book about the ideas we discussed in the conversation. 

For now, I’ll leave all of you in suspense for a future post or book regarding what we discussed. A little prequel to the future event, “Keep an open mind about the possibilities out there in this crazy world we live in.”

For now though, I want to get back to the point of this post, “What do you do, when an unexpected event happens during the day that is not on your schedule? Do you stop your day for this unexpected event or do you continue on with your day like nothing happened?”

After we parted ways, he left and I ended up turning back towards my reading. That was until I looked at… the time. “Wow,” I told myself, as I realized how long we talked for. The plan of my day was pretty much destroyed. I wasn’t mad at all though. I was happy I took the time to have that conversation. To me, I’ve learned how to take “healthy tangents.” By that, I mean if you’re going to stop what you’re doing and “pause” your agenda for the day, make sure you do it for a good reason that will be beneficial to somebody. It doesn’t have to be beneficial for you necessarily, but it needs to be beneficial for somebody. For example, if you’re at you’re desk at work and pause what you’re doing to watch a video about “Cats Who Can Talk like a Human,” you may want to rethink what you’re doing… I mean, yeah, that’s an interesting sounding title of a video and who knows there might actually be a cat who can talk like a human. That probably isn’t the best video to be watching though while you’re at work trying to finish you’re tasks for the day.

Be PROACTIVE. One of my favorite words. Realize what you’re doing at any given moment and recognize when you’re doing something you probably shouldn’t be doing.

When I decided to break off from my reading/studying I recognized that this could be a good possibility and that there’s an opportunity in talking to this person. I wasn’t planning on talking to him for that long either, but it turned out to be an extremely beneficial experience for both of us that I hope happens again sometime soon.

Another thing, the only reason I ended up having this amazing conversation was because I decided to get out of my comfort zone and talk to a complete stranger. This conversation had a 50/50 chance of being a “beneficial experience.” At the end of the day, the whole experience was great. I would never have met this amazing person, with a wealth of knowledge, if I didn’t take a “step of the edge,” and take some Action. I don’t know what will happen, in regards, to this new connection I’ve made, but I’m hopeful that something will arise from this that we will both benefit from. Every new friendship or person you meet, I believe, it’s crucial to be hopeful that great things will happen. You’re doing yourself and the other person a disservice when you think negatively.

I ended up finishing the day off on a great note. When I left the cafe I did a little more reading/studying at a park and then when I got back to my apartment I went on another “Smoothie Run” around town and engaging with my community.


“Never be so faithful to your plan that you are unwilling to consider the unexpected. Never be so faithful to your plan that you are unwilling to entertain the improbable opportunity that comes looking for you.”  -Anonymous


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