STOP! There’s Something More Important Going on Than You Right Now

I was in a rush. I ran out the door to start my day. I had woken up later than I wanted too. The morning was going by quick and I already lost a lot of time. I quickly ran out the door. That was until I saw her…

I went down the steps of my apartment, quickly jolted around the corner and got on the bike path that runs behind the complex. My mindset was totally on getting my things done for the day, so I barely noticed an elderly women carrying two bags of food and walking very slowly down the path. When I passed her I said, “Good morning,” and continued going down the path.

That’s when I stopped.

I looked at what I was doing and thought to myself, “What I’m doing right now can wait. I need to help that lady out right now.” So, I turned around and, sure enough, the women was stopping to take a break. She was panting, sweating and when she saw me, she said completely out of breath, “How are you?” I responded with, “Ma’am I’m doing great, but can I help you take these bags to your place.” To that she said, “Yes, of course! Thank you, thank you, thank you sooo much.”

I found out she had just had got food from the food bank from the other side of the city and as you can imagine, for an elderly women like herself, she was worn down and ready to pass out. I asked her where her apartment was. She was not from America so it was a tough to understand her when I asked where her apartment was.

I ended up finding out where it was. It was, completely, on the other side of the complex. I let her rest as I started on my way to her apartment.

When I found the place I set her groceries by the door and started walking back. When I turned around the corner she was just getting off the bike path. I approached her and was glad to see she wasn’t panting anymore and stopped perspiring.

Her name was Maria and before leaving I gave her a big hug as she said, “Thank you so much.”

Later in the afternoon I went to the Laundromat, and I saw Maria there too. She was looking very tired from the trip still and whatever else she had been doing throughout the day. When she saw me, once again, she said, “Thank you so much.” With a smile, I told her, “You’re welcome Maria.”

I went to go start my wash. I stopped and pondered for a few seconds, and thought, “That is one hell of a woman.” I found out she had a few kids and some bad knee problems. Hearing her and witnessing what she was doing for her family was, quite simply, inspiring. Not even mentioning her age, she was nearly working herself to death in order to put food on the table for her self and her family. She was an extremely passionate and hard working person.

Looking back, I had two choices. I could have either continued on with my walk and finished my morning routine just like any other day or I could have stopped and helped out a tired and struggling person. I think I made the right choice.

The whole journey probably took ten minutes. Ten minutes… “Do you have ten minutes to stop what you’re doing and help someone out?” Yeah… you might be late for your meeting, you might miss your bus and have to wait another 20 minutes for the next one. Yes, you might even be late to a first date with ‘The girl of your dreams, but you know what, that one little deed, you did for that person could have made their day. Maybe, you did something that brought a smile to someone’s face. Maybe, all you did was smile at a stranger that was looking sad or depressed.

No… you didn’t make any money doing it either but you could have completely turned that person’s life around with that small act of service.

Here’s another thing, I understand that you can’t help everyone out and sometimes you really can’t stop and help. Listen though, you can help someone out.

Be aware what’s going on around you and notice who needs some help more than you. Why not make it the next person you see?


“Be the sun in someone’s dark sky.” -Anonymous

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