History Plus Idea


I had an interesting idea when I was reading some history books, about my city, in the Library. I decided… I would go for it.

My idea was to bring knowledge of the immense amount of history, in this small town, to the people who live around here. I love Bikes and I love History, so I thought, “Why not combine the two and have a historical bicycle tour of the town, talking about all of the history that’s around the town. That a lot of people, in my opinion, aren’t even aware is here.

For one, George Washington partied here during the Revolutionary War. You don’t even have to like history to understand that that’s pretty damn cool. My thought behind this idea, initially, was that, who wouldn’t want to go on a tour with an “awesome tour with a an extremely knowledgable tour guide(Me)” of one of the best small towns in America.” I thought it would be an instant hit. I was a little surprised to say the least.

Firstly, I had to get some general interest about the idea from the people of this town and beyond. I had to answer the questions, “Are people supportive of this idea? Would anyone actually go on this tour?” So I embarked on another journey throughout the town on the busiest nights of the week… to talk to some strangers.

It was Friday night and the time was around 6PM. The journey started off a little rocky when the first person I asked pretty much said, “Hell no! Not my thing.” That’s alright I thought. So I went on to the next person.

Another group who I approached said they once got a tour. They weren’t from here but like coming to town on Friday nights. Those people said they once got a tour from a friend about all the history, and that that person showed them all of the old homes and buildings around town. I asked them if they liked the idea and they said, “It sounds like it could appeal to another group, just not us. Good Luck!”

“Okay,” I thought. Maybe the next person would be interested. So I went to the next person and they sounded interested, and they were talking about it like they were interested, but in the end the person ended up giving me advice about a better way to approach it would be. I was initially walking around and asking for people to sign an interest form for it, but she gave me the idea, since I was looking for funding for bikes to give the tours, of going around and instead just getting a checklist of the number of people who said yes and no. I thought that was an alright idea, but in the end she said it would pertain to her and people her age probably. She was very kind throughout the conversation though and in the end said, “Best of luck to you!”

I continued walking down the street to find another group to talk to. I found a couple walking down, and asked, “Do you mind if I ask you a question folks?” They responded, “Sure.” So, I went in and told them my idea of starting a historical bicycle tour of the town and asked them, “Would you be interested in something like that.” The guy looked at me, who I then recognized as a business owner in town who I met awhile ago so we had a little “AHA” moment, but he ended up saying, “No man sorry that wouldn’t interest me.” I turned to his wife who said, “I just have no idea sorry.”

Another group said, “We like cars man, not history. Take care,” and they walked away.

So, I decided to try one more group before the night came to a close, and I asked three lovely ladies, whom looked like they were getting dinner and weren’t from around here, if they would be interested. Two of the girls looked at me like I was just a “crazy person” who lived around here, but one of them took me seriously and said, “Yea, really just wouldn’t been interested at all.”

Another, “No.”

To say the least, I was a little surprised, but not completely. I was hoping for a few more Yes’ but that just wasn’t that night. 

What I learned from this experience was that every endeavor you embark on won’t always be treated the same way you think it will. You may be the most confident you’ve ever been that, “This is the best idea ever,” but in reality, everyone probably doesn’t feel the same way. My expectations about this were probably a little higher than they should have been, but regardless I went in with an enthusiastic mindset and left with the same. Although, I almost got all “Nos,” I’m not going to let it discourage me and stop me from continuing to bring this idea to fruition. There’s still a lot more people in this area and I believe there’s some people out there that would be interested in this. I’m going to keep searching and doing my research to get the support I need.


“When people don’t believe in you, you have to believe in yourself.” -Pierce Brosnan

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