Trust Yourself

When the unexpected happens…

My last post I left off when I was finishing up my conversation with Juan. As I was ending my conversation with Juan the train pulled up and a good friend of mine pulled up. GUESS WHO? It was Gerald. A little refresher… I met Gerald at the “Half-way house in town. I met him one night and he just opened up to me about a lot of hardships he had gone through in his life. He came to New York from Georgia because he had a dream. He’s still working to make that dream come to fruition.

When he got off the train, he didn’t see me initially, but I got his attention when I said, “What’s going on Gerald!” He looked a little stunned and said, “What the hell are you doing here man?” I then introduced him to Juan, as he was putting down his newspaper, and said, “This is my boy Juan, Gerald.” He was just getting back from a long day in the city. What the hell were you doing in the city I asked, he said, “Hey man, when you get the chance to go to New York you take it. I just did some of the usual sight seeing around.”

It was getting pretty late so it was about time for him to walk back to his place. I asked him if he wanted one of my smoothies. Fun fact: He was the first person to ever have one of my smoothies. And after Juan respectfully declined my smoothie I was in jeopardy of not giving anyone any smoothies for the night. I was hoping he would say yes, but the only thing was I didn’t have any with me. He responded with, “Yeah man of course.” I then had to tell him I didn’t have any on me, but I would meet him halfway on his walk back with some. To that he said, “That’s fine man.” I quickly ran to my bike and put it in another gear as I bolted back to my place to grab the smoothies. When I say bolted too, I mean bolted, it was another one of those rides where I was hopping over the bumps, getting some hang time, hitting the corners sharply, and dodging everything in my path. I was on a mission. When I got back to my place, I swiftly grabbed my gear and smoothie supplies and went out to catch Gerald on his way back to the place.

When I finally caught up to him, I realized he had gotten a lot farther than I had thought. Anyways, he was almost to the place so I waited to get him a smoothie until we got back. When we got back to the place I was greeted with a surprise. There were 3 other people out on the front porch, whom I all knew, just hanging out. I was excited because I had a lot of smoothie left, and seeing them I thought, “I can get rid of all of the stuff I have.” So I poured one for Gerald as he came back outside after going in to grab his “Go-to” cup, and then I poured the other 3 cups of the smoothie too. I hung out for awhile, shared a smoothie with them and was off. I think they’re starting to really like the smoothie too. Next time they’re in store of a new recipe I’ve been thinking of for awhile. Hopefully they like it when I come next.

I got a few things from that night. For one, if you put yourself in situations that you might not necessarily want to be in, amazing things can happen. These amazing things might not help you out, but they might help someone else out too. Secondly, you never know what will happen at any given moment. The thing with this though is that you may have an opportunity that arises out of nowhere that could potentially change your life, and you only have a few seconds to decide if you should do it. That opportunity can reshape your future… if you take it. If you don’t, you’ll never know, but you may be up late at night sometimes and be saying, “Why didn’t I say yes?” On the flip side of this, you might say, “Why didn’t I say no.” Don’t let others pressure you into things you don’t know if you should do or not. Take the time to confer with yourself before making any “rash” decisions. Those others that may be pressuring you include your family, teachers, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, coaches, counselors, etc. Always take time with yourself and think over those big decisions that come up in your life. If it is a decision that comes up and you do only have a few minutes or seconds to decide, you have to trust yourself that you’ll make the right decision.


“You have the right to follow your heart. Do what feels right, for you.” -Anonymous

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