I’m Tired, but…


I was tired and just physically and mentally drained. I didn’t want to go out.

The past week was one of those weeks that just drain you. My energy level was at an all time low. I could blame it on the long weekend and the very high intensity day but I didn’t want to do that. I was just drained. I think many of us can relate to that whether you run your own company, work a full time job, work a few part time jobs, or have a bunch of ‘side hustles’ you do.

Maybe this will remind you of one of those weeks that you were “busy.”

‘Back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back. In short, your week was just filled with STUFF. You could barely breath right? I think you know what I mean when I say, if it was one of those weeks for you, when you finally got back home you just wanted to put on the TV, get a beer or a glass of wine and chill on the couch. Does that sound familiar?

Okay well thats what I felt like. I was beat after the day. I was ready to call it quits. I. WAS. DONE. But…

I decided to fight through it, because I knew I had more things to do. The night wasn’t over for me and I wasn’t going to let me being “tired” stop me. I will admit though, there have been many times where I’ve let the “Tired Monster” beat me.  Not today though. The “Tired Monster” was not going to win this battle.

I had another mission to go on. I had some people see, people to meet and smoothies to deliver. I packed up my gear, got suited up, and I was off.

The time was 10:20pm: This journey took me to the train station to start off. Before getting to the train station though, there was a handful of people out on the street as I rode past them. Many people were just lounging and enjoying the peaceful and cool summer air. Others were enjoying a late night walk with their significant other, many though, we’re enjoying the company of a group of friends and enjoying the art of friendship. Which, at many times, exhibits uncontrollable laughter, and smiles as big as a crescent moon.

Oh how great Summer is!

Wait though… what about the other people on the street. “The Survivors,” I like to call them. As some people walk into their late night dinner reservations, maybe even running a few minutes late, they sometimes miss the passing stranger digging through the trash outside of the restaurant, hoping that not many people are around so they can go on with their routine undisturbed.

I ran into Chris this night, whom I introduced to you all a couple posts ago. I ran into Chris by the train station. He greeted me saying, “What’s up bro!” I responded with, “What’s going on Chris!” Chris was hanging with Tim that night. Someone I introduced to you all about a week ago. I decided to hang with them for awhile. Tim got up after a few minutes to get to the liquor store before it closed and Chris and I just hung out for awhile and chatted.

I was excited to see him after our last encounter. I asked him how work was today and he exclaimed, “I got off today man! I had the best day of my life in a long time though.” He proceeded to tell me about why this was the best day ever for him. Some of those reasons he told me were that, he was just able to hang out drink and be thankful for what had in his life. For a man in Chris’ situation and to hear him say how thankful he was for the shirt he had on his back, the food he got from the food pantry, and just the ability to live the life he wanted. I thought it was simply amazing and inspiring. It reminded me to be thankful for the many things that I have that other people aren’t blessed with having.

He also told me about how fortunate he had been lately and how generous people had been to him. He said he asked for two dollars from someone and they gave him a twenty dollar bill. He helped a lady bring her bags from off the train to her car and she gave him a few dollars. He helped another family find the right bus and got some money from doing that too. Simply put, he was ecstatic of the good fortune he had been facing lately. It seemed like, with Chris being in a giving spirit, he was given things in return. On another note he told me of the people who weren’t as giving and didn’t give him any money. To that he told me, “Some people will just never understand what it’s like to be homeless man.”

I loved talking to him that night though. He was in such a great mood and I just didn’t want him to come down from it. From the last conversation we had, it was a complete “180.” I left that night really excited for our next encounter.

After leaving the train station, I got “Daisy” going at a pretty brisk pace. The air had gotten a little cooler but I had a lot of adrenaline going at this point, so I didn’t notice the drop in temperature. I continued down the road, looking for people, but I didn’t see much. I ended up stopping at one of my favorite places. The shelter in town. I was ready to see some of my friends, but it was past visiting hours and no one was hanging outside either. So, I was ready to leave when a familiar face came outside. I hadn’t met this guy formally ever, but I knew he worked there late a lot of nights. He said, “what’s up” and continued walking by. I stopped him though when I said, “Hey man how’s everything going tonight?” I introduced myself and he did too. His name was Teddy. Teddy had the look on his face that he was just beat though, and was ready to pack it in for the night. I don’t recall how the conversation really went, but I remember talking about his work life and how he works another job landscaping. He had a glowing smile though although, through it, I could see how drained he was from how much he had to work. Ironically, after he mentioned he “loved” smoothies, I mentioned I had some with me, and gave him some. He drank that smoothie to start with a puzzled look to say the least. 

I don’t know what it was though, but I just had the greatest chat with him. Before ending the night though another worker came out named Amelia, she was delightful and she said “Why not” to me offering her one of my smoothies. Side note: They both really liked it! I hope that the smoothies gave them both that extra boost of energy to take on the rest of the night.

To conclude… I took down the “Tired Monster.”

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